My Legacy: Why I'm Not Going Anywhere, B/R Pro Wrestling Community

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IApril 21, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - APRIL 18: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the University of Florida is memorialized on a wall plaque outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium before the spring football Orange and Blue game April 18, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

When the Gators lost to Ole Miss and almost destroyed their chances of a National Championship, Tim Tebow stepped up and admitted that he let his team and the Gator Nation down. He guaranteed that we will never see a team play harder than they will the rest of the season.

The result: They won every single game after that...including the BCS Championship Game against Oklahoma.

Why do I bring this up? Because I found myself in that same position a few weeks ago.

Yes, I could have made a lot of people happy by just cleaning out my desk and walking away from the one thing I love (besides my wife and my children). Yes, I could have just given all those individuals who asked for my release the satisfaction of knowing that one of the B/R Originals was done writing for the site that made him famous for good. Yes, I could have easily done all those things...

But why the hell would I do something nice for you bloodthirsty jackals?

I'm sorry boys and girls, but I don't care whether you like me or don't like me. Obviously, I have never thought that simply because I have accomplished the unthinkable: pissing people off from LA to NYC, all the way to freakin' Japan!

And yet, I continued to become successful on this site. I became a member of the Raw Sports Blog, joined the crew of Bleacher Brothers (set to fully debut this summer), and above all else, I have been mentioned countless times on Fred Richani's Friday Night F-Bomb, arguably the best show on YouTube to date.

And I accomplished all this by simply asking one question: How do you like 'Dem Apples?

Actually two questions: Was Kobe Off His Rocker?, my debut article with an up-and-coming website known as The Bleacher Report back in 2005. From there, I wrote columns on almost every sport out there (except soccer, because I'm not quite into that...yet). From hockey, to football, to basketball, to baseball, and even professional wrestling.

In fact, I was the first on this site to write a pro wrestling column, a column which garnered a lot of love and respect from fans all over the country. Now, Bleacher Report has become a worldwide phenomenon. I was happy being a part of history in the making...and I intend to continue making history...with the Bleacher Report, as well as Raw Sports Blog, Bleacher Brothers, and Friday Night F-Bomb!

Unfortunately, I did learn something from the anarchy I caused by calling out a writer: People are very anal about almost everything. Some people can handle criticism and admit when they were wrong, but there are those who apparently can't handle that. I have already apologized for my actions, yet I was called a failure as a Community Leader.

Well, to those people, I'm sorry I didn't comment on every single article you put out there. Even though I picked a few as articles of the day and rated them, I was still ousted as the Community Leader. But I guess life goes on, right?

I don't need to be known as Community Leader to make myself known. I was known long before I was the CL. I am one of the best writers on the site, and I am in good company with guys like Shane Howard, Ross Rutherford, and Jason Le Blanc. I am also one of the most controversial writers, and I share that company with Numero Uno, Joe Burgett.

And then there's the selective few that have said nothing but pathetic insults in my direction. None of them have gotten over the article that delivered my walking papers, as it has been a few weeks since it's happened. Even though all of us have moved past the incident, there are those who are still complaining about it.

In fact, the two CL's have moved past it, and even made it their mission to take the Community to the next level. The reason they were chosen? Because I recommended them to Zander. Like I said, I did have a say in the next CL's of the Pro Wrestling Community.

But the main reason why I'm going to continue writing for Bleacher Report is because I was convinced into staying by certain members of the B/R Pro Wrestling Community, as well as friends on Facebook, friends on Bleacher Brothers, and of course, my lovely wife. I am staying because I do love sports, and I do love writing, and when the two come together, it's a match made in heaven.

The reason why the Pro Wrestling Section exists is because of me, and that is the perfect accomplishment for me. I don't need to be Community Leader...I had a hand in creating a masterpiece. And now, my creation has new people to lead it to the promised land.

I know that my legacy will not be tarnished by one Jay Mariotti-like column, and I know that a bunch of people who don't like me, either professionally or personally, will not force me away from the place that made me a star. It will take more than just a few personal shots and a truckload of insults to take me down and drive me out of here.

My legacy will continue to grow, and yes, this is a homer article...but after doing over 500 articles over a span of four years on everyone else, don't I deserve one on myself?

This is my promise to the Pro Wrestling Community: I will continue to write for Bleacher Report, as well as the PW Community. For the remainder of my time with this site, you will never see someone more dedicated to making our community better. You will never see someone more proud of the success that is delivered to this community because of its great writers.

Everyone who knows me knows that I don't deliver compliments as a kiss-ass tool. They know that I will speak my mind whenever and wherever I choose. But most of all, they know that if I see a diamond in the rough, I will do my best to help make them the gem that they're meant to be. I may not be the CL anymore, but that doesn't mean that I will walk away from everything that I accomplished in the past four years with this franchise.

So to make it clear, here and now, despite what Joe Burgett believed or wanted everyone to believe, I will end the controversy: I AM NOT RETIRING, AND I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!