Eric Fisher: Video Highlights for Former Central Michigan LT

Ryan Heidrich@@Ryan_HeidrichCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2013

Eric Fisher: Video Highlights for Former Central Michigan LT

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    Hello, world. Meet Eric Fisher. 

    Fisher rocketed up many NFL teams' big boards near the end of last season and made a huge jump during Senior Bowl week.

    Fisher comes from a small school, but nothing about him is small. This man is huge and looks to be a top-seven pick in the upcoming NFL draft. 

    Here are some video highlights of Fisher doing what he does best. 

Extremely Athletic

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    If not for Lane Johnson, Fisher would be the most athletic tackle in the draft. He is very nimble for a guy of his size. 

    His footwork is what impresses me the most in the drills near the end of this video and he showcases exactly will make him a top-10 draft pick.   

Incredible Senior Bowl Performance

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    Fisher shut it down during Senior Bowl week. It started in the one-on-one drills, where he was arguably the best offensive tackle in Mobile, Alabama. Once again, his footwork was on point and his ability to anchor into the ground upon contact is impressive. 

    Because of this performance, Fisher went from being just a first-round draft pick to the top-10 discussion. 

Great Run-Blocker

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    Fisher is one of the best run-blockers in this draft. What really stands out about Fisher is the way that he gets to the second level despite being so large. We saw his athletic ability in his pro day workout and it is shown once again as he explodes into the second level.

    For a 6'7", 310-pound man, that is pretty impressive and just another reason why he is the best tackle available after the first pick. 

Performed Well Against All Competition

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    Fisher played a wide variety of talent while at Central Michigan, but no matter what level of competition he faced, he performed at an All-American level. Fisher garnered third-team All-American honors in 2012, which is impressive for a player coming from such a small school.

    It's the plays like the ones in this video that put him into that discussion. No matter the situation, Fisher came to play against the Spartans.

    With NFL talent around him next year, he will have less pressure and excel even more than he did in college. 

Shined in His Bowl Game

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    Fisher played fantastic in Central Michigan's bowl game against Western Kentucky. In running situations, the defensive end never made it into the backfield. In pass-blocking, Fisher did a great job despite not having much help around him.

    Fisher shined on all three national stage appearances (bowl game, Senior Bowl, combine). His ability to rise to any occasion is one of the reasons why his ceiling is so high.