Luke Joeckel: Video Highlights for Former Texas A&M OT

Ryan Heidrich@@Ryan_HeidrichCorrespondent IIApril 25, 2013

Luke Joeckel: Video Highlights for Former Texas A&M OT

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    Luke Joeckel is a monster. 

    Joeckel is also most likely going to be a Kansas City Chief after the first pick in the 2013 NFL draft is made. Joeckel is an absolute beast for Texas A&M and was a huge reason why Johnny Football had the season that he had. 

    The left tackle position is very good in the 2013 draft, and Joeckel finds himself the cream of the crop. Here are multiple highlights that state the reason why he is the best left tackle in this year's draft. 

If He Gets to the Second Level: Watch out

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    Luke Joeckel is a beast against large and strong defensive ends, but when he gets to the second level it is almost unfair. He is too strong and big for any linebacker, safety or corner to beat him. 

    As shown here against Missouri, Joeckel explodes in the second level and delivers the boom, allowing his quarterback to pick up an extra 10 yards. No matter who Joeckel blocks, it is an advantage for Joeckel—but Joeckel against a linebacker is just a massive advantage for him and his team. 

    Whichever team lands Joeckel will be lucky, especially if he finds himself in the second level. 

Pass-Blocking Is Superb

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    Luke Joeckel is an above-average run-blocker, but I believe his strongest suit is his pass-blocking. He does so well against defensive ends or outside linebackers that he constantly holds his edge, forming a great pocket for his quarterback. 

    In this highlight from the 2012 Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma, Joeckel anchors himself in the ground and stops the defensive end's bull rush. The defender then decides to try to knock down the pass, but Joeckel was having none of it, throwing his defender to the ground. 

    It is this type of strength and fundamental skill that has every general manager trying to figure out a way to have a shot at Joeckel in this year's draft. 

Luke Joeckel Dominated Corey Lemonier in 2012

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    Corey Lemonier is no slouch; in fact he is most likely a midround draft pick. In Texas A&M and Auburn's matchup this year, Lemonier was completely dominated by Joeckel. In the run game or pass game, it did not matter—Joeckel kept Lemonier at bay throughout the game. 

    Joeckel freed Johnny Manziel and the A&M rushing attack throughout the game by using his length and strength to do so. Joeckel did a great job at shutting down the left side and constantly giving Manziel a perfect pocket to scramble around in. 

    This Joeckel performance was nearly perfect as A&M trounced the Tigers from Auburn. 

He Is Consistently Great

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    It doesn't matter who Texas A&M played—Luke Joeckel was a beast in every single game and every single snap. His consistency is just one area of his game that stands out to scouts.

    For many teams in the NFL, their offensive line is a huge predictor on how the team will do record-wise. If you can have a left tackle that every week steps in and plays at an elite level, your team will be in good shape. 

    This is exactly what Joeckel will provide for whomever drafts him later this month. Joeckel is a tackle who you can count on every down as he excels in both pass- and run-blocking. 

    This is why every team will be waiting to see what the Kansas City Chiefs do with the No. 1 pick in the draft. If they pass on Joeckel, I fully expect every team to inquire about what it would take to get the second pick in the draft. 

His Athleticism

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    Luke Joeckel is a stud. This video showcases his ability to do it all at any moment during the play. It is not easy to block for Johnny Manziel since he is constantly moving around, but Joeckel excelled at this all season.