25 Athletes Who Love to Take Selfies

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25 Athletes Who Love to Take Selfies

Ah, the "Selfie." Is there any phenomenon more indicative of the confluence of narcissism and digital camera technology than the act of arbitrarily taking a photo of your face with a smart phone?

There can't be, because two decades ago a 'selfie' would involve awkwardly clutching a Polaroid camera at arms length.

Today, any person can snap a photo of their mug any time and anywhere—and post it for the world to see. This capability simply proves too tempting for the biggest athletes; they live and work on the stage...in the spotlight.

Sure, athletes may not be performing Shakespeare, but their audience is way, way bigger. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites enable athletes to capture selfies at will—mundane or exciting—and distribute it at the speed of light.

So, there is no shortage of high-angle, roughly arms-length self-portraits of athletes lurking throughout the Interwebs.

These are 25 athletes who love to take selfies.

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