25 Athletes Who Love to Take Selfies

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterApril 11, 2013

25 Athletes Who Love to Take Selfies

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    Ah, the "Selfie." Is there any phenomenon more indicative of the confluence of narcissism and digital camera technology than the act of arbitrarily taking a photo of your face with a smart phone?

    There can't be, because two decades ago a 'selfie' would involve awkwardly clutching a Polaroid camera at arms length.

    Today, any person can snap a photo of their mug any time and anywhere—and post it for the world to see. This capability simply proves too tempting for the biggest athletes; they live and work on the stage...in the spotlight.

    Sure, athletes may not be performing Shakespeare, but their audience is way, way bigger. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites enable athletes to capture selfies at will—mundane or exciting—and distribute it at the speed of light.

    So, there is no shortage of high-angle, roughly arms-length self-portraits of athletes lurking throughout the Interwebs.

    These are 25 athletes who love to take selfies.

25. Carmelo Anthony, N.Y. Knicks

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    Unlike like the Twitter page of Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony, his Instagram gallery is a bit more entertaining. But even though Mr. Anthony isn't the biggest fan of selfies, Mrs. Anthony is.

    She just likes to brag that she landed herself a baller. Making all those divorced and dumped Basketball Wives jealous. Although sometimes he likes to take them himself and pretend like he's sleeping. 

    Or at least that's what it seems like. 

24. Caroline Wozniacki, Tennis

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    Tennis sensation Caroline Wozniacki isn't the only athlete with a penchant for selfies. She's in quite the serious relationship with PGA superstar Rory McIlroy. 

    The two have them have been spotted all over the world supporting each other at various events. Pretty committed for a couple of adorable little kids!

    Although is Wozniacki that seems to be bragging about their relationship far more than McIlroy on social media, with all of the photos here coming from her Twitter account. 

23. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

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    If you're wondering what Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is doing right this very second, he's probably somewhere taking a picture of himself.

    That's what he does when he's not celebrating early, complaining about his contract, or phoning it on the football field. Jackson's selfies aren't even interesting in the slightest.

    Look…he has a Gatorade. Look…he has facial hair. Look…he's got a gold chain that he'll probably lose. 

22. Michelle Wie, LPGA

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    Remember when golfer Michelle Wie was just a wicked famous female out there trying to compete with the boys on the golf course? Seems like forever ago, since she's kind of dropped off the radar.

    Assuming you don't follow the LPGA. But as it turns out, Wie is very much alive and well on Instagram.

    And it seems she's grown up into a hottie hipster chick with a skill for taking selfies. 

21. Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers

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    Clippers superstar point guard Chris Paul has one heckuva an adorable little family happening. His wife is stunning and his little boy is about as cute as it gets.

    Is it any wonder he wants to show them off with a bunch of Instagram selfies? Some of which are relatively creative.

    CP3 puts your selfie over the toilet to shame, kids. 

20. Shaun White, Snowboarding

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    Oh you know snowboarder Shaun White, always doing something extreme. Like hanging with French Bulldogs.

    White seems to be always on the move, usually doing something dangerous, so extreme selfies could literally kill him.

    It's probably best that he saves this great interwebs past-time for when he's embracing the more leisurely side of life. That doesn't mean that I don't think White is kind of a chicken though.

    I kid. Don't freak out. 

19. Anna Rawson, Retired LPGA

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    Former golfer Anna Rawson has been universally considered one of the most beautiful women in sports for years.

    Sure there's the fact that she's not all that great at golf, but she sure looks pretty playing it. Or doing anything else for that matter. Is it any wonder that taking selfies for Instagram is one of her favorite hobbies?

    Rawson has always looked more model than athlete and has seemed to embraced the former in recent years. You probably won't be seeing her on the LPGA tour again anytime soon. 

18. LeBron James, Miami Heat

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    Heat superstar LeBron James is a big fan of the selfies. But who can blame him? Everyone wants a picture of the King, right?

    LeBron's selfies have quite the variety, although many of them are with his teammates and adoring family. The best ones are those just showing him going about his day.

    He's one of the most famous athletes in the world, so seeing LeBron's mundane activities is actually more interesting than anything else. 

17. Laura Enever, Surfing

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    Platinum blonde beauty Laura Enever may not have the name recognition of the Alana Blanchards of the world—which really means just Alana Blanchard.

    But that's not to say she doesn't deserve it. Enever is gorgeous, talented, she's got a lot of hot friends, and she seems like a lot of fun.

    She also enjoys the selfie far more than Blanchard, who would rather be professionally photographed from a distance.

    Enever is selfie-obsessed, and the world is a better place because of it. 

16. Demarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings

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    DeMarcus Cousins may be the bad boy problem child of the Kings, but he's also kind of the bad boy of Instagram too. There isn't much that makes this kid happen—not even an adorable dog! 

    Although he does have varied degreed of angry, grimacing, hostile, sad, and brushing his teeth faces.

    So I suppose that's good enough for a player so unpleasant that he's been suspended.

15. Victoria Azarenka, Tennis

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    Who knows anything about tennis beauty Victoria Azarenka, except for the fact that she's one of the best follows on Instagram. 

    She's not shy. She's not unattractive. She doesn't have an unpleasant personality. And she's got a really good sense of where the best light is coming from. 

    You go girl...or whatever. 

14. Warren Sapp, Retired NFL

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    Former NFL player Warren Sapp has a specific selfie style. He doesn't really take too many of just himself in a mirror, like many athletes (and humans, in general).

    Sapp prefers to make it a group activity, kind of a selfie+1. Judging from his Twitter gallery, he likes to take a picture of himself with pretty much everyone he meets.

    Like everyone. 

13. Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers

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    Everyone knows that the Clippers dunkmaster Blake Griffin has a great sense of humor.

    After all, he did intern for comedian Will Ferrell's website/production company FunnyOrDie at some point. Griffin also enjoys a good selfie every now and again.

    He won't overwhelm you with a constant barrage or anything, because he's more about quality than quantity.

    And Griffin almost always makes them count. 

12. Leryn Franco, Track & Field

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    Big surprise that Paraguayan athlete/model Leryn Franco is always taking selfies everywhere she goes.

    Honestly, between all her social media outlets, she may have more selfies than any other athlete on earth. Not that anyone is complaining or anything.

    If I looked like her, you'd have to pry my camera phone away from me with the jaws of life.

    And even then…I'd just replace it. 

11. Lamar Odom, L.A. Clippers

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    Big surprise. Someone married to a Kardashian likes to take selfies and plaster himself all over the internet. Or at least his wife does. 

    The Clipper's Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are battling those constant divorce rumors with "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" selfies. 

10. James Harrison, NFL Free Agent

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    Former Steelers linebacker James Harrison is a big fan of show his large self off on Instagram. He enjoys soliciting fan opinion on his facial hair and then doing whatever he wants.

    Harrison also likes wearing his shades inside. And, apparently, he's into Eastern Medicine—as you can see by his fondness for acupuncture.

    Hopefully those needles can turn back the the hands of time! Or at least help Harrison realize he's not as monetarily valuable as he once was. Enjoy being a backup on the Cardinals. 

9. Pat Barry, MMA

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    UFC fighter Pat Barry doesn't look like like an MMA fighter in most of his Instagram photos. He looks more like the "before" picture in a before and after spread in some kind of hairstyle magazine.

    Although, Barry looks like a freaking badass for a reason. Apparently his heroes are Mike Tyson, the Thaiboxer from the Street Fighter video game and his mother.

    Just don't ask him about his barber, because obviously that's not going all that well. 

8. Anastasia Ashley, Surfing

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    Stunning surfer Anastasia Ashley has an absolutely incredible body. You admire it. I admire it. The world at-large probably admires it too—except for those who don't appreciate beautiful things.

    But there may be no one on earth that admires the fine form of Anastasia Ashley than Miss Ashley herself. Her Instagram page is a plethora of scantily clad, ultra seductive selfies.

    Something tells me you're already on the way right now and won't even finish reading this sentence. 

7. James Harden, Houston Rockets

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    Hey! Did you know that the Rockets' James Harden has a beard? A big, thick, intimidating beard? Well he does.

    And, not only does he have a beard that would make Grizzly Adams jealous, he also likes to show it off. Harden's Instagram page is nothing but an homage to his bellicose beard.

    You think Harden used to be the sixth man in Oklahoma City? BS. Only cause that beard was third, fourth and fifth. Booya.

6. Adrian Clayborn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    The Buccaneers defensive end Adrian Clayborn is still a young gun in the NFL, having been chosen in the first round by Tampa Bay in 2011.

    But, honestly it looks likes things are going pretty well for the young man out of Iowa already. Clayborn's got an impressive beard. A kickass dog. Some badass dreads.

    And is obviously not afraid to be himself—as evidenced by the loud and proud nose picking.

    Who knows what will come of Clayborn, ultimately, in the NFL, but the fact that he's so in love what that adorable dog speaks very highly of him. 

5. Stephanie Rice, Swimming

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    Australian Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice really made a splash at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, really outperforming expectations for the (then) teenager.

    Compared to her performance then, Rice really disappointed at the 2012 Olympics in London. But she gained attention for for much different reasons.

    Her Instagram account is stacked with sexy selfies and she was spotted hanging out with (a then very single) American basketball superstar Kobe Bryant in London.

    Medals, shmedals…am I right?

4. Dwight Howard, L.A. Lakers

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    Lakers big man Dwight Howard is a fun character and often expresses his zany sense of humor through ridiculously animated selfies.

    Usually he's making some ridiculous face that, in no way, fits the scenery around him. Actually, Howard enjoys selfies so much that he pays homage to the device that allows him to take them.

    His Instagram account is such a welcome reminder of the lovable goofball he used to be...before he became Kobe Bryant's whipping boy. Heart you Dwight! 

3. Joe Lauzon, MMA

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    MMA fighter Joe Lauzon is a bruiser out of Brockton, Mass. As if you couldn't tell he was a brawler just from looked at his battered face.

    Lauzon documents every success and failure of his career, up close and personal, on his Instagram account via very graphic selfies.

    Sure he might be a horrifying ghoul to look at on occasion, but at least his dog is cute as hell! That makes up for pretty much everything else!

2. McKayla Maroney, Gymnastics

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    American gymnast McKayla Maroney became one of the biggest stars of the 2012 Olympics in London thanks to her disappointed face that became a global meme, after finishing in a less than desirable place in her best event.

    Well, she may have not been very impressed in London. But the rest of the world is surely impressed now. Maroney is one of the most stunning female athletes in the world, and her Instagram page is proof positive of that.

    Well, that and the fact that she sure likes to take selfies of herself. 

1. Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Thunder superstar big man Kevin Durant seems to have one look. Bummmmmmmmmmed. Check him out on Instagram and his selfie looks range from bummed to downright depressed.

    But apparently, there's at least one thing that makes KD smile! The Redskins. Too bad they make him sad too. What's Durant got to be so sad about anyway? S

    eems like thing are going quite well for him these days—am I right?

    Why so emo, Kevin Durant? It just doesn't suit!

Bonus: And Living the Selfie Life? Surfer Kelly Slater

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    Is anyone surprised to see that professional surfer Kelly Slater is one of the happiest guys on the planet? Just look at where he lives. Look at what he does. Look at who he dates. Slater straight up has it all. 

    No wonder he's always in the mood to take selfies to remember the moment. If you had a life anything like his, you'd be doing the same dang thing too. It's good to be Kelly Slater, that's for sure. 

    I'm not really the jealous type. But I'm seriously jealous of Kelly Slater. 


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