WWE News: Randy Orton Forgets His Line on Raw

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 10, 2013

Let the confusion begin. Photo Courtesy WWE.com
Let the confusion begin. Photo Courtesy WWE.com

For those of you who watched Monday's historic post-'Mania Raw, you got to witness several insane moments.

In fact, one of those moments included an extremely awkward promo featuring Sheamus and Randy Orton. During the promo, it appeared that Orton was having problems remembering what he was supposed to say.

The moment was so awkward that radio personality Dave LaGreca from SiriusXM's Busted Open stated on Wednesday's show that he thought the WWE went to commercial. Sadly, the company didn't, and Orton proceeded to fumble through his lines.

According to Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com:

Before the fans went nuts on Randy Orton and Sheamus on Monday night, the two men did a promo segment in the ring. At one point, Orton clearly forgot his line and walked over to Sheamus to ask him what it was. Sheamus told him and he delivered it. 

Sadly, this is what pro wrestling has come to. Long gone are the days of wrestlers working off the cuff without a script. Instead, fans have succumbed to a watered down, pre-written promo that can sometimes be forgotten.

As you probably know, the company has been scripting out lines for years now.  Sadly, I have to admit it works for the most part.

Let's face it—not everyone is born with The Rock's charisma, Mr. Anderson's booming voice or Jake "The Snake" Roberts' ability to leave you hanging at the edge of your seat waiting to hear what he will say next.

However, everyone is born with a brain and for the most part has the ability to memorize a script. So, guys like Big Show, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio can now not only captivate you by their in-ring presence, but they also have a chance at a level playing field and can make it seem like they have minimal mic skills.

In the end, Monday's Raw was an anomaly, where the fans stole the show and the night belonged to Dolph Ziggler and Fandango. So maybe this was Orton's contribution to the insanity, and hopefully he will be back to his old self next week. So on that note, I leave you with this...