Five Reasons Why Kansas Won’t Win It All

Matt NorlanderAnalyst IApril 2, 2008


1) Because we’ve seen this before: A loaded Kansas team with a fistful of future pros coming up short in a big spot.

2) Because they escaped bad coaching at the end of their game with Davidson and should probably be watching in jumpsuits in their dorm rooms.

3) Because Kansas has gone through No. 16 Portland State, No. 8 UNLV, No. 12 Villanova and No. 10 Davidson to get here.

4) Because first-timers to the Final Four usually need a second or third trip before they finally get theirs. Don’t worry Bill Self, you seem like you’ve got another two, three or five trips left in the bag.

5) Because Brandon Rush’s hairdo is way, way too soft.

One reason why they will: Because Roy Williams could give a shit about North Carolina right now…