Jordan Reed: Video Highlights for Former Florida TE

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IApril 26, 2013

Jordan Reed: Video Highlights for Former Florida TE

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    Florida TE Jordan Reed has seen his stock rise since the college season ended due to his athleticism and the fact that teams are using tight ends more and more as weapons in the NFL.

    The player I would most compare Reed to in the NFL is New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez in that kind of H-back mold.

    Although each video is longer, the specific play I will be talking about in each slide is the first one that plays.

    Here is a look back at Jordan Reed's best plays from his college career. 

Hard Hit vs. Kentucky, 2012

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    When you describe Reed, most look right at his athleticism for the position and not really at his toughness.

    While a dislodged helmet doesn’t always suggest a devastating hit, this time it looks like Reed takes two shots directly to his head.

    Taking hard hits is a prerequisite for the NFL. Reed saw this one coming and still made the tough catch.

Big Play vs. Texas A&M, 2012

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    This is exactly the type of play that showcases the big-play abilities Reed would bring to any offense in the NFL.

    Reed takes the little flare pass, and instead of giving up on the play and running out of bounds, he jumps the defender and jukes a couple more times to get about a 20-yard gain.

    Not only does he not run out of bounds, after he gets the 20 yards, he throws a stiff arm into the face of the defender to end the play.

Screen Pass vs. South Carolina, 2012

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    I could see Reed running a ton of screen plays in the NFL either out of the backfield or from the receiver position.

    Reed has the vision to set up his blocks and the agility to weave through defenders on his way to big plays.

    Really, the only thing that Reed does wrong on the play is get caught by the South Carolina defender.

Touchdown Grab vs. South Florida, 2010

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    Tight ends can be great red-zone threats in the NFL, and even though Reed isn’t the biggest prospect in the draft, he can still be a great weapon.

    Reed knows how to control his body in the air and can still jump over defenders to make tough end-zone catches.

Touchdown Catch vs. Georgia, 2011

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    More than anything, Reed is going to be able to stretch the field for any offense, which is definitely on display on this touchdown catch versus Georgia.

    Reed’s speed makes him a matchup problem for linebackers and it looks like he’s beaten probable first-round prospect Alec Ogletree on this play.

Screen Pass at Florida State, 2012

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    Another screen pass to Reed, and right from the start of the play, he shows his ability to create something out of nothing.

    When Reed gets the ball, there is a defender right on him and Reed just shoves him off and goes down field for a big play.

    Reed makes sure he gets the first down on the play and lowers his shoulder into the defender to get another few yards.