WWE: Was Mick Foley's Hall of Fame Moment with Chris Jericho Scripted?

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 10, 2013


WrestleMania XXIX was a tremendous success for WWE and MetLife Stadium, and the post-WrestleMania Raw might have been one of the single greatest episodes in WWE history.

Getting lost in the success of these two events was the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. The ceremony was held at Madison Square Garden the night before WrestleMania XXIX. 

The ceremony featured an all-star induction class that included Booker T, Trish Stratus, Bruno Sammartino, Donald Trump, Bob Backlund and Mick Foley. The night was full of wonderful and memorable moments.

Some of those moments included Stevie Ray's touching and heartfelt induction speech for his brother Booker T, Stratus' surprise pregnancy announcement and Sammartino's overdue induction into the Hall of Fame. But one of the coolest moments of the night came when Foley was giving his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

During his speech, Foley mentioned that he never pinned Chris Jericho in his WWE career.

This comment prompted Jericho to make an impromptu appearance on stage. What followed is sure to go down in history as one of the most memorable moments at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Foley delivered quite the elbow drop onto Jericho and covered him for the three count. The count was announced by CM Punk, who had rushed the stage from his seat in the audience. Punk was also seen holding a large "Applause" sign in the audience as Foley made his way to the podium.

Although the moment was cool and seemed spontaneous, we have to remember that this is WWE. So with that in mind, fans were left wondering whether or not the moment was scripted.

In a recent article on WrestlingInc.com, Foley touched on the moment that took place between him, Jericho and Punk.

"No more matches," Foley said. "I had to hesitate before even dropping that elbow on Jericho. He was probably hurting in the morning 'cause I thought, 'you know what? I'm not going to take any of this impact, it's all going on Chris.'"

Foley also noted that the spot wasn't something that they had planned beforehand.

"It came as a complete surprise to me, as did CM Punk coming out doing the very un-bad-guy thing with doing the three count and hugging me on stage. For that one night, there are no good guys and bad guys."

The fact that the moment wasn't scripted just makes it that much more awesome.

Foley is such a legend in the world of professional wrestling. In fact, some may argue that his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was long overdue.

What Jericho and Punk did on that night show the kind of respect they have for Foley. It was a moment when those guys went out on a limb but in the end created something very memorable.

WWE recently announced that the ceremony will be available to watch in its entirety this Friday on WWE.com, via the WWE app, on Samsung devices and on X-Box Live.