Why Randy Orton Must Win at Backlash

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Why Randy Orton Must Win at Backlash

We are now only a few days away from WWE's backlash of WrestleMania, ironically known as Backlash. Despite a lackluster card, the WWE Championship intrigues me in so many ways.

In this match, I expect no more than Batista and Shane McMahon tearing Rhodes and DiBiase to shreds while Orton fights Triple H. There are so many ways they can go with this, but this is why I think they need to let Orton win.

First of all, we are likely to see a betrayal from Shane McMahon for obvious reasons. If Shane then joins Legacy, this faction gets much stronger because they have the son of the boss to give them every advantage they can use.

On the other hand, we could see Batista betray and join Legacy as he may not want to keep living in Triple H's shadow after those repressed memories as the "handyman" in Evolution. Batista would then be Orton's powerhouse guy.

Either way, we need Orton to win because if Triple H retains, I bet you my life that Batista will be thrown into a feud with Triple H and Orton will feud with Shane. Orton needs to win in order to replenish Legacy and make the faction work, as the WWE Champion would be in it—much like Triple H being World Champion in Evolution.

Rhodes and DiBiase would have their careers elevated but there may be a big push for Ted DiBiase, if Orton's title reign is long term. Ted DiBiase stars in a new movie coming out in 2010 called The Marine II, so he will need promotion for his movie.

Ted DiBiase Sr. has even stated that his son would be turning face so people would buy it. If Orton is champion by the beginning of 2010 or October/November 2009, we could see Dibiase take the route that Randy Orton took in Evolution.

He would beat Orton for the WWE Championship while Orton and Rhodes turn on him, thus making Ted DiBiase a short term face.

Cody Rhodes will also benefit from this as he will be in the main event feud with his mentor and former partner.

Now for Orton.

Randy Orton may be the best superstar in the WWE today. He has all the tools he needs to become the next Triple H or the next Steve Austin.

The sky is the limit for him as he is not even 30. By winning the belt at Backlash, Orton basically has been handed the torch from Triple H to lead the WWE. However, knowing how stubborn Trips and Batista are, they'll probably win it again in a week.

After Backlash, I fully expect Shane McMahon to join Legacy  and aid the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton to feud with Triple H until Judgement Day, then move into a long term program with Batista in the main event.

If Orton is to lose this match with no betrayal or anything, this will definitely hurt Legacy in so many ways, but I fear Triple H will win as Orton pinned The Game on RAW.

All questions will be answered at Backlash.

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