Montee Ball: Video Highlights for Former Wisconsin RB

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIApril 26, 2013

Montee Ball: Video Highlights for Former Wisconsin RB

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    Montee Ball became a household name in 2011 when he rushed for 39 touchdowns, tying the record set by Barry Sanders decades ago. More recently, he set a new NCAA record for most career touchdowns with 79.

    Both impressive feats, certainly. Despite his intimidating resume, Ball isn't considered the top running back in the class. 

1. Ball's First Four-Touchdown Game

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    When you're an NCAA touchdown record holder, you're going to have a lot of big games. Over his career, Ball had an incredible six games with four total touchdowns.

    His first was against Michigan in 2010, when he was only a sophomore. In what would be the first touchdown run of several that day, Ball broke a tackle, jumped another defender and then ran out into space to give Wisconsin a heavy lead.

    It goes without saying that in a game where Ball himself rushed for four touchdowns, the Badgers won handily.

2. Ball's First Record

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    This touchdown is nothing special. Just your typical touchdown run. Ball breaks a tackle, but that's nothing out of the ordinary.

    What makes this touchdown special is that it was Ball's first record. With it, he broke the Big Ten rushing touchdown record.

    He went on that same season to tie the all-time single-season rushing record held by Barry Sanders.

3. Ball's Pro Day Workouts

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    Most of what makes Ball a good running back prospect comes from his on-the-field performance, but measurables are important too.

    Ball didn't have a great combine, though. His bench-press total tied for the worst among running backs, and his broad and vertical jumps were right in the middle of the pack. When you're a prospect trying to move out in front of the herd, that doesn't help.

    He did much better at his Pro Day, lowering his 40-yard dash time from 4.66 seconds to 4.48 seconds.

4. The Biggest Game of His Senior Season

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    Ball's 2012 was nothing compared to his 2011 season. He rushed for fewer yards and had way fewer touchdowns.

    However, against Purdue, Ball briefly returned to 2011 form, rushing for a total of 247 yards and three touchdowns, not to mention his one catch for an additional 14 yards. He also had a career-long 67-yard run in this game.

    Before you dismiss Purdue as a weak opponent to run against, remember that top defensive tackle Kawann Short is on the Purdue squad. That didn't seem to make much of a difference for Ball.

5. Another Four-Touchdown Performance

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    Several things are great about this clip. First of all, Ball had just surpassed 100 yards rushing, making this his fourth game in a row where he did that (that streak would continue into 2012 and last a total of seven games).

    Second, it was his fourth touchdown of the night. I said before that Ball had six games like this, but it's still impressive.

    Lastly, the run almost breaks down. A huge maul of players forms where Ball is trying to run, but he sticks behind it just long enough for space on the left side to clear out, where he can make a break for it for a touchdown.

6. All of Ball's Touchdown Runs

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    OK, well, not all of his touchdowns. He also had a touchdown run against Stanford in Wisconsin's last bowl game, but other than that, this covers them all.

    The fact that this video is nine minutes long tells you a lot about Montee Ball.

    He isn't a perfect running back, and he has his flaws, but at the end of the day he's accomplished something no other running back can match, and just that is a lot to stand on.