Biggest 2014 College Football Recruiting Decommitments so Far

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IApril 10, 2013

Biggest 2014 College Football Recruiting Decommitments so Far

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    We're in the era of early commitments in today's time of college football recruiting. It's not shocking anymore for a recruit to make a decision and commit during his junior season.

    A downside to a recruit making an early decision is that there is so much time left before he officially signs, he will start to have second thoughts. With second thoughts comes second guessing his decision, and with the persistence of coaches these days in recruiting, he becomes a high risk candidate of the dreaded decommitment.

    Well, that exact scenario has been played out several times already with the 2014 class. This read will dive into the biggest decommitments that have gone down so far with this current recruiting cycle. Here are the top commitment flips in 2014 recruiting. 

Honorable Mention: Deshaun Watson, QB

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    Watson technically isn't a decommitment yet, but he is looking around even though he's committed to Clemson ( One of the best quarterback prospects in the country, the Peach State native stands 6'3" and has a little Jameis Winston in him.

    Dabo Swinney and his staff are going to have to work on Watson as if he's an uncommitted prospect. It appears Clemson's main threat for Watson is Georgia. 

Denzel Ware, DE

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    Ware is a very good pass-rusher at 6'2" and 240 pounds. From Alabama, he can play the traditional weak-side defensive end role or stand up and work as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

    Ware is no stranger to the art of the decommitment, as he once committed to Florida State but backed off of that. Kentucky was next up, due to Mark Stoops and D.J. Elliot heading to Lexington.

    Since then, Ware has backed off his UK pledge, and it appears he's about to start dancing with Florida next. 

Travonte Valentine, DT

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    A big defensive tackle at 6'3" and 290 pounds, Valentine is a clear example of when an early decision can be a bad thing. If you're a subscriber to an early signing period, Valentine's recruitment is one that will help support your argument.

    The Florida trench man gave an early commitment last year to Louisville and basically kept telling people he was as solid as solid can be. Then he flipped from the Cardinals and pledged to Florida late last year.

    Now, Valentine isn't committed to the Gators any longer and is back on the open road. 

Dylan Sumner-Gardner, S

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    From Texas, Sumner-Gardner is a tall and long safety at 6'2" and 197 pounds. He's pretty athletic and can play both positions on the back seams.

    He committed to Clemson as a junior, and the Tigers felt they were getting a great safety as an early treat. However, he later decommitted from the Tigers and has since committed to in-state Texas A&M.

Drake Harris, WR

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    Harris is a talented 6'4", 180-pound wide receiver from Michigan who was all set to be Spartan, but things turned nasty pretty quickly. 

    Harris began taking trips to Michigan, and you started getting the feeling he was going to decommit from MSU soon, and he did earlier this spring. Harris said some things that Spartans' fans didn't appreciate about winning in East Lansing (Detroit News) and is an open recruit now.

    I'd be a little surprised if he didn't end up at Michigan. 

Kain Daub, LB

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    A classic inside linebacker, the 6'4", 240-pound Daub is a big and tough downhill alley filler against the run. He relishes contact and plays stout at the point of attack vs. blockers.

    Daub went to Baton Rouge last year and got so impressed by the trip, he committed to the LSU staff. However, he later backed off of that, as he probably realized he made his decision too soon and on a whim.

    Recently, Daub has committed to Florida State. 

Joseph Yearby, RB

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    Yearby is a 5'9", 191-pound running back with great quickness and elusiveness. He is from the South Florida region and gave an early commitment to Florida State.

    To the surprise of many, Yearby decided to flip his commitment several weeks ago to Miami. He's all set now to stay close to home and tote the rock for Al Golden.

    The Seminoles now must plan for the task of stopping the fleet-footed scat back. 

Dalvin Cook, RB

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    Yearby shares the backfield with Cook, as the two make up perhaps the most dangerous duo of football players in the nation right now.

    At 5'10" and 197 pounds, Cook also has excellent quickness, instincts and speed. He was committed to Clemson initially, which is why many of the Tiger faithful were mentioning "C.J. Spiller 2.0" when discussing Cook.

    However, earlier this month Cook took a trip to Gainesville to see Will Muschamp and the Gators this spring. He left committed to Florida and sounds like his mind is made up—for now. 

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.