Debate: Are Bears Right to Leave Hester Out of Pass Game?

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Debate: Are Bears Right to Leave Hester Out of Pass Game?
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Comments from new Head Coach Marc Trestman suggest Devin Hester will be featured solely as a kick returner this season. Are the Bears right to give up on the Devin Hester wide receiver experiment?


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The problem was making hester main receiver. He should return kicks and possibly be the fourt or even fifth receiver. You can always use him as a dec...
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It's about time. Ever since Hester's role on offense increased, his return game suffered. He still has his speed but in the last 2-3 yrs our special t...
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No point in trying to develop him into a receiver when he can't really catch the ball. The idea of him at wr was jus being greedy anyway. He can't mak...
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