Debate: Are Barcelona Too Dependent on Lionel Messi?

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Debate: Are Barcelona Too Dependent on Lionel Messi?
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Since the '09-'10 Season, Barcelona has witnessed a considerable drop off in production from Strikers not named Lionel Messi. This season, Messi has netted 43 while Cesc Fabregas, the next highest Blaugrana scorer, has contributed only 9. This disparity, coupled with the concern about rushing Messi back for the crucial Champions League 2nd Leg Matchup with Paris Saint-Germain, illustrates just how much Barcelona leans on the diminutive Argentinian. Is Barcelona's dependence on Lionel Messi limiting their other attacking options and hurting the team?


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I will say yes they are, but that it's not a bad thing at all. First and foremost every team always has a player that has the majority of the goals. I...
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There is no doubt that Messi is an asset which is beyond everything normal! It is not that Barca is too much depending on him! It is that he gives to ...
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yes any team that have messi playing for them would get dependent on him,he is the world's best player and he delivers in each game he plays.
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They are dependent but not too dependent like you mention. They are dependent on him against big teams. With small teams they do just fine, without Me...
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