Justin Pugh: Video Highlights for Former Syracuse OT

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IApril 25, 2013

Justin Pugh: Video Highlights for Former Syracuse OT

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    Justin Pugh manned the left tackle position for the Syracuse Orange for two seasons, and he has become one of the more under-the-radar offensive linemen in the 2013 NFL draft class. 

    At 6'4'' and 307 pounds, without tons of inherent strength or quickness, he may be better-suited to play guard at the next level, but he did excel on the edge for Doug Marrone in Central New York. 

    Here are some of the top plays of Justin Pugh's collegiate career. 

Block vs. Missouri, 2012

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    In Syracuse's win over Missouri in 2012, Pugh had a fabulous game at left tackle. 

    On this play, working against Michael Sam, Pugh did a marvelous job driving the defensive lineman outside and away from quarterback Ryan Nassib. 

    His block actually took Sam off the screen and the play resulted in a completion downfield.

Sustained Pass-Block vs. Toledo, 2011

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    Pugh demonstrated the ability to anchor at the point of attack and hold on to a block, without, well, holding against Toledo in 2011. 

    Initially stunned by the Rockets pass-rusher, Pugh's back bent, but he doesn't lose ground. 

    After Ryan Nassib's fake, he drifted to his left, which actually brought him closer to the defensive lineman Pugh was blocking. 

    However, Pugh remained locked on and allowed Nassib to deliver the ball downfield for a first down.

Second-Level Block on Touchdown Run vs. Missouri, 2012

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    At the snap, Pugh instantly turned to his left, presumably in hopes of blocking the defensive end if he crashed inside. 

    The defender didn't, so Pugh trickled to the second level where he hit the linebacker and pushed him long enough to spring running back Jerome Smith into the end zone. 

    A fine showing of awareness and agility by Pugh.

Inside Run-Block vs. Rutgers, 2011

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    On this running play against Rutgers in 2011, Pugh was the essential lineman. 

    He needed to get to the inside shoulder of the Michael Larrow, and he did so quickly to keep Scarlet Knights defensive end away from the intended running lane. 

    While some may argue Pugh held on this play, with his arms "outside" the defender's shoulders, he let go before a hold would have been obvious. 

    Holding on to a block long enough for it to be effective but not flagged is, to some, an art. 

Recovery Block vs. Rutgers, 2012

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    This block wasn't the best of Pugh's career, but it's an important one. 

    The Rutgers defensive end clashed with Pugh and extended his arms to get Pugh off-balance. 

    The Syracuse offensive tackle was clearly overmatched, and he almost lost the Scarlet Knights pass-rusher (number indecipherable) to the outside. 

    However, Pugh held on and regained his anchor, which allowed Nassib to throw the ball down the field.