Madden 25 Cover Vote: Quarterfinals Results and Predictions for Semifinals

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Madden 25 Cover Vote: Quarterfinals Results and Predictions for Semifinals
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Sports fans just watched the culmination of an epic NCAA basketball Final Four, and now sports gamers have witnessed the formation of the final four in the cover vote for Madden 25 from EA Sports.

We're almost at the end of the process, so we'll soon know which legend or current star will grace the cover.

The final eight players remaining in the Old-School and New-School brackets have been revealed, and there were a few surprises.

Here are the winners of the matchups and my predictions for the semifinals.

Old-School Bracket

(1) Joe Montana vs. (3) Barry Sanders

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Montana has been upset, and I was totally shocked. I'm happy to see Sanders win because he would make for a cooler cover athlete.

But it is hard to believe that the old-school bracket won't have a quarterback.

Winner: Barry Sanders

(1) Jerry Rice versus (2) Deion Sanders

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I would have loved to see "Prime Time" on the cover, but Rice makes sure at least one legendary Niner makes it to the final four. 

We nearly had an all-Sanders final in the old-school bracket, but instead we will see one of the greatest running backs of all-time take on the greatest receiver.

Winner: Jerry Rice

New-School Bracket

(4) Arian Foster versus (3) Russell Wilson

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I love Arian Foster, but who would have ever guessed he'd be in the final four. I thought the 12th man would push Wilson through, but apparently Foster's backers were stronger.

The Texans' running back has pulled yet another upset as he knocks off the No. 3 seed.

Winner: Arian Foster

(1) Robert Griffin III versus (2) Adrian Peterson

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Perhaps the only man in this bracket who could stop RGIII is A.P. It seems apparent Madden nation is bent on rewarding Peterson's historic and amazing comeback season with the Madden cover.

Even superstitious fans probably believe Peterson is strong enough to break the bogus curse.

He defeats the man whose jersey sales just set an NFL record, per Gregg Rosenthal of Peterson on the cover seems like a foregone conclusion now.

Winner: Adrian Peterson

Predictions for the Semifinals

Old School: Barry Sanders vs. Jerry Rice

It just feels like Barry is destined to represent the legends in the final. He's taken down one of the greatest quarterbacks in history and now he can take aim at his favorite target.

Who will meet in the final?

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If Niners fans didn't hate Sanders from his playing days, they may hate him after he disposes of the team's biggest legends in the cover vote.

Prediction: Sanders

New School: Arian Foster vs. Adrian Peterson

Foster will meet his match here. A.P's remarkable 2012 deserves to be recognized and rewarded in every way.

As the honor gets closer, fans will turn out even more for the Vikings' star. He'll smash Foster en route to the finals.

Click here to vote for the semifinal round.

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