The Best Tattoos of the 2013 NFL Draft Class

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIApril 10, 2013

The Best Tattoos of the 2013 NFL Draft Class

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    The players in the 2013 NFL Draft Class have no shortage of impressive tattoos. From full-sleeve tribal tattoos, nameplates and even tropical sunsets. The variety of tattoos on display from these players is almost as diverse as the athletes themselves.

    Obviously tattoos are not the most important thing to examine as we inch closer to the NFL Draft, but sometimes it is fun to go beyond the "X's and O's" of the game. There is more to these athletes than merely 40-yard dash times and bench press reps.

    Let's have some fun and look at 10 of the best tattoos from the incoming crop of NFL rookies. 

10. Kenny Stills, Oklahoma

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    Oklahoma wide receiver Kenny Stills is actually from Oceanside, California. It makes sense, then, that he would represent his home state among his many tattoos.

    Like numerous other players on this list, Stills has tattoo sleeves covering up both of his arms. However, Stills' best piece of art may actually be the outline of California that runs almost from his elbow to his wrist on his right arm.

    Inside of the state, the word "California" is written in cursive. It is simple but effective at showing a love for his home state while not blatantly overlooking wherever he is currently playing.

9. Tyrann Mathieu, LSU

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    Ah, yes, the "honey badger."

    Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu is certainly taking the long road to the NFL, having spent last season away from the gridiron due to a violation of the school's substance abuse policy.

    However, there is still a talented football player inside of Mathieu. The DB has displayed his belief in himself with a tattoo on his left forearm that reads "King" followed by a giant star.

    The tattoo covers up almost his entire forearm and is extremely bold and vibrant.

    Now the "honey badger" just needs to prove he can be a king on the field once again.

8. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

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    Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray certainly took an exciting route when he opted for an entire nameplate tattoo across his back.

    The No. 78-projected player according to CBS Sports, Bray's last name is displayed across his back in staggered letters over a backdrop of stars.

    One red star can be seen behind each of the letters in his name. This tattoo is pretty unique, but it is nothing like the next inclusion on the list.

7. Keenan Allen, Cal

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    What exactly does Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen's tattoo mean?

    It is a fair question, but what really matters is how cool the tattoo actually looks. Allen has what looks like a Native American situated above a wolf on his right arm.

    The wolf has a deep and penetrating glare. There is no color to any part of the ink, with only black outline throughout.

    A Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" line may be an appropriate way to close this slide, but let's instead highlight the fact that Allen may struggle to catch the wolf.

    He recorded an uninspired 4.71-second 40-yard dash time at his pro day.

6. Manti Te'o, Notre Dame

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    Manti Te'o has been under media scrutiny for the last few months because of his fake girlfriend hoax/scandal. However, no one is scrutinizing the Notre Dame linebacker for the impressive tribal artwork showcased on his left arm.

    The tattoo covers up a large portion of the arm and is similar to the work that can be seen on fellow Samoan, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

    It has a variety of different patterns and lines that all flow together to create one exceptional piece of art.

5. Landry Jones, Oklahoma

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    It is sometimes hard to actually see, but if you ever catch a clear shot of Landry Jones' left arm, there is a tropical sunset taking place.

    The Oklahoma quarterback has a rather small tattoo of palm trees set against the backdrop of the sun and the ocean, with colors like red, blue and yellow all jumping out of the tattoo.

    What is the point of the ink?

    Yet again, that's a fair question, especially considering that Jones has never played anywhere near the ocean. Perhaps it is a sign that he really wants to play his pro ball for a team on the coast. 

4. Jesse Williams, Alabama

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    Alabama defensive lineman Jesse Williams is covered in tattoos.

    His arms, his chest and even the real estate on his head are all occupied by a wide variety of different artistic expressions. While we could simply look to his entire portfolio for inclusion on this list, let's instead focus in on one particular piece.

    Williams has an interesting set of work etched into the side of his head. The words "fear is a liar" sit above his ear and next to blossoming flowers. It is an interesting juxtaposition and definitely catches your interest when Williams actually has his helmet off.

3. William Gholston, Michigan State

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    Players for the Michigan State Spartans have a penchant for tattoos that truly highlight the university they represent.

    Former defensive tackle Jerel Worthy has a tattoo on his arm of a Spartan literally crushing a Wolverine, while running back Nick Hill has an actual Spartan gladiator that looks right out of the movie 300 emblazoned down the length of his obliques.

    However, William Gholston may actually have the best Spartan ink of the bunch. It is not quite as flashy as either of the previously mentioned tattoos, but Gholston has the Spartan shield sitting atop the Michigan State nameplate on his right arm.

    The entire design appears to be cracking through the surface of his skin, and it creates a dynamic effect when you look closely.

2. Dee Milliner, Alabama

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    The second of two Alabama players on this list is cornerback Dee Milliner.

    Milliner is likely going to be the first defensive back taken in the 2013 NFL Draft because of his balanced game and pure athleticism. He also happens to have some intriguing tattoos on his arms.

    Milliner has tattoo sleeves from his shoulders to his elbows on both arms, including a portrait of Jesus and the cross on one arm, and an inscription reading "family" on the other.

    All of his ink flows together to create a seamless collage that almost tells a story in and of itself. 

1. Kenny Vaccaro, Texas

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    Like Milliner, Texas' Kenny Vaccaro is considered one of the top defensive backs in the 2013 NFL Draft class. Also like Milliner, Vaccaro has tattoo sleeves on both arms.

    However, Vaccaro's best piece of work has to be the graffiti-styled tattoo that reads "RELENTLESS" on his left arm.

    Not only does the graffiti style look extremely cool, it also reflects the type of play that Vaccaro exudes on the field. He is unafraid to make the tough play or go for a big hit over the middle of the field. Vaccaro is a fearless playmaker.

    The tattoo is a great way to express that.