NFL Common Knowledge: What You Should Know for the Draft

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NFL Common Knowledge: What You Should Know for the Draft
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The NFL draft is one of the most exiting times of the year in the NFL. This is the time of year when a brand-new group of players are introduced to the NFL and the futures of teams are determined. One negative though is that the draft really never changes.

The NFL Draft is basically a repeat almost every year. There are players who are guarantees to liken up to the superstar billing (Peyton Manning), and there are guarantees that never develop (Ryan Leaf).

There are also the players that absolutely shock everyone (Tom Brady), but no matter the names or the years, the draft simply does not change.

This is where one can see common knowledge.

NFL common knowledge is something that every team should follow. The problem is that teams are just stubborn and will pay attention to it. So, what is the NFL common knowledge?

Arm Strength

This should not be a driving factor in picking a quarterback in the draft. Having great arm strength is great attribute, but if it is their best quality, odds are they will not turn out to be the quarterback you want. After all you can throw the ball as hard as you want but if it doesn't get to the wide receiver it doesn’t matter.

Injury Problems

This should never be put above talent. Every year there are players who get hurt either during the year of the draft or right before the draft. The media blows the injuries out of proportion while costing the player millions.

What we have learned is that if a player is talented and they show that they have all the abilities you want, an injury should not stop a team from selecting them. After all, most injuries heal.

Position Runs

Position runs in the draft will happen so be ready for them. This is one of the funniest occurrences during the draft. A run is when the same position is taken twice in a row, which then cause every other team looking for that position to trade up to.

Last season this happened with left tackles towards the end of the first round. What this does is screw up the rest of the draft. Players get taken a round earlier then they should, because teams freak out.

40-yard Dash

The 40-yard dash should always be taken with a grain of salt. Basically, the 40-yard dash has no implications on the field. If a player plays fast in games but has a weak 40-time, why would you not think he is fast?

There are players who can run amazing 40 times, but when they are on the field they might not even be close to the fastest athletes. Some will play the Chris Johnson defense, but I say he played that fast on film so regardless of his 40, teams knew he was fast.

Trade the Pick or Take the Best Player

When in doubt either trade the pick or take the best player. Under no circumstance should you take a player just because you are weak at the position. Even if you have to address the position use the value of the pick. The stupidest thing is when teams reach way down to get players even though no one else would take him.

Of course, if every team followed this knowledge the draft wouldn't work. The crappy drafting teams are needed, so that the fast players get contracts. If your team does follow these elements, then congrats. Odds are more often then not your draft classes are good. But if your teams ignore this knowledge, then you might get one starter out of seven picks.

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