Chicago Fans Overrate Season Openers

Daniel HynesCorrespondent IApril 3, 2008

The Chicago fans have taken opening day of baseball too seriously. Fans put a lot of hope and wait for it, as spring training closed just over a week ago.

People were doubting what the Sox and Cubs could do for the season. The Cubs lose their home opener against the Brewers, as the Sox lose to the Indians. The Cubs showed that they may have more probles with Wood as the closer, seeing how his first pitch of the 9th inning (and of the season) hit a batter.

Many analysts believe that Wood should have never been given the closers job. I do agree in a way, because you cannot take a starting pitcher and have him close. As a starter you have a few innings to get into your groove. As a closer you have three outs, and if you cannot close the game then you may either blow the lead away and give up a victory in the process, or you make it harder for your offense to score runs.

Giving up some untimely hits, which results in more runs scored, makes for a harder to win ballgame. On the other side, the Sox showed that they have more fight as of right now, in comparison to last season. They made a hard fought come back after a terrible second inning of play. After some bad calls in the game, one should wonder whether the Umps are really watching the game, or not.

After the come back the lead was blown, which in a way is bad but at the same time it was more likely not a tiring fight back. In that case you cannot be upset with the Sox. The Cubs, on the other hand, had tied the game up with a three-run shot to send it to extra innings.

The Sox and Cubs have only played a few games so far this year, and people need to realize that there is still plenty of season left. If this is an indication of what is to come then we are in for a long season.

Which makes me ask: when does football start?