20 Biggest Mama's Boys in Sports

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20 Biggest Mama's Boys in Sports
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Mother's Day is just a month away, so what better time to take a look at those pro athletes who make every day Mother's Day. I'm referring to the guys who can't go more than a few days without the reassuring embrace of the woman who gave them life; who simply don't eat if every other meal isn't mom's chicken tetrazzini.

Considering the logistics behind keeping a loved one in the stands, or in the condo, throughout the season of any of the major sports leagues; the strength of the bond between mother and son/teammate/star can be measured in both dollars and effort.

While being labeled a "Mama's Boy" carries some measure of derision, it's a wide net that catches both the basement-dwelling creepers as well as the dudes who just want their mom to drive a brand new, but sensible, Cadillac sedan...because they love them.

In this spread, the whole spectrum is covered. These are the 20 biggest Mama's Boys in sports.

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