The Pros and Cons of Keenan Allen's Game: Minnesota Vikings 2013 Draft Board

Giancarlo Ferrari-KingFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Keenan Allen's Game: Minnesota Vikings 2013 Draft Board

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    Former University of California wide receiver Keenan Allen is a player who the Minnesota Vikings may consider selecting in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

    Explosive and crafty in the open field, Allen is a physical player who has flashed obscene levels of brilliance at times during his college days.

    But hampered by lingering medical issues, the Vikings will need to take a long hard look at Allen's overall game if they are to select him in April's draft.

    Start the slideshow below and check out the pros and cons of Keenan Allen's game.

Pro: Outstanding Body Control

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    When it comes to Keenan Allen's game, one pro has to be his uncanny ability to adjust his body in order to make a catch.

    Watching him on tape, you can't help but notice that the kid is very aware of where he is on the field at all times.

    With a frighteningly expansive catch radius, and a good feel for when he needs to contort his body to make a play, Keenan Allen is very impressive catching passes in tight spaces.

    A trait like this is one of the factors that separates average receivers from the really special ones at the next level.

Con: Drops

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    Throughout his junior year, Keenan Allen was plagued by untimely drops.

    While having a below average quarterback throwing him passes did not help his cause, overall Allen still needs to improve this area of his game if he wants to stand out in the Vikings' organization.

    A player who tends to get comfortable using his body to make catches, Allen has a lot of work to do when it comes making sure he reaches out for passes and uses his hands more frequently.

    If the Vikings take a chance on Keenan Allen, they will be looking to draft an elite playmaker who can make opposing defenses lose sleep.

    They don't want to end up with another Troy Williamson.

Pro: Very Physical

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    To be a successful wide receiver at the pro level, you need to be physical.

    When it comes to pure physicality, Keenan Allen passes that test with flying colors.

    He's aggressive off the line of scrimmage and his ability to handle press coverage, as well as contact during his routes, is quite impressive.

    Comparing Allen to a current NFL receiver is tough, but if you had to throw a few names out there, Dwayne Bowe and Dez Bryant come to mind.

    Like Bryant and Bowe, Allen might not be absolute burner, but he will make up for it with his great physical prowess and football smarts.

Con: Blocking

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    Blocking isn't always the number one thing that you look for when drafting a wide receiver. It might not even be on your scouting report at all.

    But make no mistake about it, when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings, having guys who can block is a must.

    When you have a wildebeest like Adrian Peterson salivating in your backfield, you need guys who are willing to get physical, seal the edge and play hard on every down.

    Sure Keenan Allen isn't the worst blocker, but he could definitely improve this facet of his game.

    When you play in the NFL, you need to do everything you can to become a complete football player.

    Great teams win because everyone is constantly performing at a high-level. And when it comes to blocking, Keenan Allen needs to reach that plateau if he wants to become a true number one receiver in this league.

Pro: Very Fluid and Smooth Athletically

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    If you watch Keenan Allen enough on tape, you understand that the kid is a very fluid and smooth athlete.

    A player who glides downfield, Allen constantly uses his athleticism to separate from defenders and extend plays.

    But what stands out most about his athletic ability, is that while Allen may not have blistering speed or towering height, he just flat-out moves like an NFL receiver.

    Some guys just stand out on tape— and Keenan Allen is one of those guys.

Pro: Ability After the Catch

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    Keenan Allen's ability to make defenders miss, creating huge plays after the catch, is something you have to love about the former Golden Bear's game.

    Elusive, dynamic and smart, there's no question that Allen is one of the most dangerous players in the draft when he finds himself a nice pocket of open space.

    After trading Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks, it's safe to say the Vikings would love to have another open field threat lining up on Sundays to scare off pesky defenders.

Con: Injury Concerns

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    Back in October, Keenan Allen suffered a Grade 2 PCL tear, which sidelined him for the last three games of his collegiate career.

    While many figured Allen would be healthy and ready to showcase his abilities this past February at the NFL Combine, those dreams never came to fruition.

    Instead, Allen suffered a setback during pre-combine workouts and missed his chance to impress scouts.

    With his health being a major concern, the Vikings need to realize that with a ton of quality receivers on the board, Allen's slow recovery time and constant setbacks should serve as a red flag.

    The NFL operates at an inconceivable pace, leading to players battling injuries all season long. If his slow recovery time becomes a major part of issue throughout his career, the Vikings will be stuck with an unproductive, injury-prone first round pick for years to come.

Pro: Route Running

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    If there is one thing that stands out most about Keenan Allen's game, it's his ability to run clean, effective routes.

    While slants and crossing routes are his bread and butter, Allen is criminally underrated when it comes to his double moves.

    This strength to run crisp, consistent routes is what helps him create so much separation on game day.

    Look, I can't say it enough. Becoming a fantastic route runner is a must in the NFL.

    With another great route runner in Greg Jennings lining up across the field, Keenan Allen could become a very productive player for the Vikings in 2013 if they decide to draft him.