Watch LeBron James Alley His Own Oop Off the Backboard

Jimmy SpencerNBA Lead WriterApril 9, 2013

LeBron James is warming up for the show he's about to put on this postseason.

In the first quarter of the Miami Heat’s Tuesday matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks, a likely first-round matchup in the playoffs, James took to his role as showman.

On a play that appeared to be more innovative than a display of showboating, James threw the ball to himself off the backboard and pogo-sticked for a dunk finish.

With the ball in his hands off the fast break, James coasted midair from behind the left elbow—yes, behind the free-throw line—when he got a bit stuck in his decision making.

The transition defender, Monta Ellis, had faded back to defend Miami's Mike Miller in the right lane, which led to James opting for the self-assist off the glass before exploding back off the hardwood for the slam.

The video, courtesy of's Zach Harper, features just another career highlight for the league’s most exciting player.

Official ruling on LeBron off the backboard to himself is like a player losing ball and regaining: not a pass, not a shot, not an assist.

— Ira Winderman (@IraHeatBeat) April 9, 2013

LeBron, by the way, was not credited with a missed shot, nor an assist.

— Tom Haberstroh (@tomhaberstroh) April 9, 2013

That time, LeBron didn't worry a bit about the hamstring. Elevated and dunked.

— Ethan J. Skolnick (@EthanJSkolnick) April 9, 2013