Damontre Moore: Video Highlights for Former Texas A&M DE

Zach Kruse@@zachkruse2Senior Analyst IApril 25, 2013

Damontre Moore: Video Highlights for Former Texas A&M DE

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    Damontre Moore is attempting to become the next "Joker" defender from Texas A&M to make a splash at the NFL level. 

    Just two years after former Texas A&M star Von Miller was drafted No. 2 overall by the Denver Broncos, Moore enters the 2013 NFL draft with a similar chance to land in the first round. 

    Playing both left and right defensive end and outside linebacker for the Aggies, Moore registered 26.5 sacks and 45 tackles for losses over three seasons. At 6'5" and 250 pounds, Moore is of ideal size to play a number of roles at the NFL level, much like Miller.

    In the following slides, we'll present several of Moore's top collegiate highlights. While not of Miller's physical talent, Moore did provide a similar kind of scheme versatility and production while at Texas A&M. 

Third Down Sack vs. LSU

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    The money down for any pass-rusher is 3rd-and-long, when the offense is forced into a surefire passing situation.

    On this play, Moore gets his defense off the field with a big sack. 

    Lined up at right defensive end with his hand on the ground, Moore works to the inside of the left tackle before corralling the quarterback as he attempts to bail from the pocket. The move is much more about quickness and leverage then the traditional "bend" that elite pass-rushers prefer to use on the outside. 

Speed off the Edge vs. LSU

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    Later against LSU, we see Moore use speed and leverage angles to get around the left tackle and disrupt the pass play.

    On second down in the second quarter, Moore again lines up with his hand in the dirt at right defensive end.

    His initial quickness breaks down the left tackle, leaving Moore an opportunity to bend and get underneath leverage. He then beats the tackle cleanly around the corner, works back to the quarterback and forces a poor pass. 

Stunt Inside for a Sack vs. Mississippi State

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    Another very common pass-rushing assignment handed to defensive ends—in both college and the NFL—is the inside stunt. 

    On this play against Mississippi State, Moore runs the stunt perfectly and delivers a sack.

    Texas A&M lines up in a standard four-man front, with Moore situated at right defensive end, to combat a 1st-and-15 situation. The defensive tackle explodes wide at the snap, tying up both the left tackle and the guard. 

    Moore, allowed space inside by the stunt, whips the center with ease and wraps up the quarterback before he can deliver the football or escape the pocket. In fact, Moore nearly strips the football. 

Dominating the University of Florida

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    Arguably the best game Moore played in 2012 was the season opener against the University of Florida. 

    Although Texas A&M would eventually lose 20-17, their star defensive end wasn't to blame.

    Moore tallied seven solo tackles (10 total), plus a season-high three sacks of quarterback Jeff Driskel. While one could argue at least two of three sacks were coverage sacks, it was still a top performance that helped springboard Moore's draft stock over the next several months. 

Tackle for a Loss vs. Arkansas

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    Moore isn't generally known as a top run defender, but he certainly made his impact known on this play against the University of Arkansas. 

    Facing a 3rd-and-1 early in the first quarter, Arkansas decides to overload the strong side with blockers and run their back behind the wall. Moore had other plans. 

    The Texas A&M defensive end splits a double-team block and stops the running back in his tracks, well behind the line of scrimmage. Arkansas is forced to punt. 

    On the season, Moore made 9.5 tackles for losses that weren't sacks. While not a consistent run stopper, he did make a number of impact plays like the one shown. 

Motor and Strip vs. Arkansas

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    Every NFL defensive coordinator wants a defensive end who won't quit on a play and can make big plays that put points on the board. 

    Moore did both on one play against Arkansas.

    After originally penetrating to the inside, Moore forces Arkansas running back Knile Davis to the outside. Instead of giving up on the play, Moore chases down the ball-carrier and strips the football from behind.

    A Texas A&M defensive back scooped up the resulting fumble and turned it into a touchdown. However, Moore made it an easy scoop-and-score after disrupting the play initially and then working back to cause the turnover.

Overall Package

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    What you see is what you get with Damontre Moore. 

    While not an elite physical talent capable of taking over the NFL upon arrival, he was highly productive over three collegiate seasons and brings scheme versatility to the next level. Playing in the rugged SEC in 2012, Moore still racked up 12.5 sacks (third in the conference, ninth in NCAA) and 21 tackles for losses (third, seventh).  

    The NFL is always looking for productive pass-rushers, so it's reasonable enough to expect Moore's name to come off the board in the top 40-50 picks.