Why a Possible Heel Turn Will Ultimately End Ryback's Career

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistApril 11, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

When he began a feud with the 400-plus-pound Mark Henry recently, WWE superstar Ryback looked to be regaining his appetite for destruction.

However, as he proved with his attack on John Cena on Monday's episode of Raw, he may be about to begin an all-out feeding frenzy in his quest for the WWE Championship.

For months now, Ryback has really done little more than defeat enhancement talents. After his initial push and a subsequent feud with then WWE champion CM Punk in which he failed to secure the title, he began a quest to end the upstart group known as the Shield.

However, that quest failed as well and Ryback soon found himself as the proverbial man without a country.

Enter Henry and his status as one of, if not the strongest man on the WWE roster. No slouch in the power department, Ryback's physical makeup looked to be equal to Henry's and also could create the foundation of a very entertaining rivalry.

However, the two failed to create much buzz, even with publicity stunts like a weightlifting contest and a "no contact" order imposed by WWE management.

After his loss to Henry at Wrestlemania XXIX, it was widely speculated about what exactly the company would do with Ryback from there.

And let's be honest here, Ryback isn't exactly Lou Thesz when he steps into the squared circle. With the exception of his Meat Hook clothesline and Shell Shocked, his skill set in the ring is that of a very inexperienced competitor, which after his many years in the business, is nearly inexcusable.

And for someone that was supposed to be the future of this business, other than his initial pops as a monster face, the crowd reaction to Ryback in recent months has been tepid at best, with many crowds giving him little to no reaction at all.

His mic skills are nearly nonexistent, which limits him a great deal in an age where creating a larger than life character is completely necessary. Even his in-ring charisma is severely lacking, and at this point, it seems as if he is destined to be a one-trick pony with his only real attribute being his intimidating power.

And that alone will not be enough to go toe to toe with Cena, who, love him or hate him, is perhaps the hardest-working superstar on the WWE roster in every respect. His promos are always entertaining, his in-ring work (though not the broadest of repertoires) always gets the job done, and his hard work is finally paying off to the end that he is now the WWE champion.

It stands to reason that other than his obvious power advantage over Cena, Ryback falls short of the champion in every other category. It sounds somewhat humorous to say that Cena would be able to "out wrestle" anyone, but his new challenger might just be the person that he could do it to.

And more importantly, if Ryback tries and fails to win the WWE title, what happens to him after that? Can a monster face become a monster heel?

Or in the end, will Ryback simply turn out to be a monster disappointment?