NFL Draft 2013: Teams Guaranteed to Reach Too High in 1st Round

Sean FryeFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2013

Is Dion Jordan a reach with the second pick in the draft?
Is Dion Jordan a reach with the second pick in the draft?Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The 2013 NFL Draft is filled with teams who will reach too high in the first round to get the player they want. 

The draft is 16 days away, so expect some teams to try and trade up to help secure a prospect they covet. 

There aren't many prospects in this year's draft that are worth trading up for. 

With that being said, here are three teams that will take a player not worthy of their first round pick. 


Jacksonville Jaguars - No. 2 pick

On's mock draft, the Jaguars could end up taking either QB Geno Smith or DE/LB Dion Jordan. 

None of these guys are worth the No. 2 pick in the draft. 

Smith has too many concerns to be picked in the same spot Robert Griffin III was last year. While Smith put up gaudy numbers at West Virginia, some have questioned his true on-field ability. Issues regarding his accuracy and pocket-awareness have recently sprung up. 

A QB prospect with those types of concerns shouldn't be considered for the second pick in the draft. 

As for Jordan, he is a player that may struggle to find his niche in the NFL. He was a sort of hybrid player at Oregon, lining up as both a defensive end and a linebacker. He was successful at both, but that is unlikely to translate to the NFL. 

He'll likely have to choose one position, similar to what Tamba Hali did with the Chiefs in 2006 when he was drafted out of Penn State. 

If the Jaguars select Jordan, and he can't find his true position in the NFL, it could end up being a wasted pick for a team that desperately needs players. 


Buffalo Bills - No. 8 pick

After the failure of the Ryan Fitzpatrick experiment, the Bills are in need of a QB. However, there simply isn't one worth taking with a top-ten pick in the draft. 

However, the Bills will want to get at least one of the two best QBs available in the draft. By the time their second round pick comes along, both Geno Smith and Matt Barkley will likely be off the board. 

So the Bills will be forced to pick one of those two with their first round pick. And that simply is too high to pick one of these players. 

The Bills missed out on the 2012 draft class of QBs that included Andrew Luck, Griffin III and Russell Wilson. 

The Bills would be better off selecting the best available player in this draft, and not a QB. Or they could trade the pick down and select Smith or Barkley later in the first round, and get another piece in return for the eighth pick. 


St. Louis Rams - No. 16 pick

Three years after selecting QB Sam Bradford, the Rams are finally looking to get a quality receiver for their former No. 1 overall pick to throw to. 

Currently, their best options at receiver are Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin or Robert Woods. However, are any of those three guys worth the 16th pick? 

All three prospects had great QBs throwing them the ball in college. Patterson had Tyler Bray. Austin had Geno Smith. Woods had Matt Barkley. 

Recent history shows that college teams that have an elite QB and an elite wideout on their teams, one pans out in the league while the other fizzles out. 

LSU's JaMarcus Russell and Dwayne Bowe are a fine example of this. 

There are other questions surround the three receiver prospects. Patterson was only second at Tennessee in receiving in 2012. Austin is very short at 5'9". And for Woods, he was held to under 1,000 receiving yards at USC last season, and most of his catches were the result of teams double-teaming Marquis Lee. 

The Rams certainly need a receiver. But drafting one this high is not the answer. There are too many questions surrounding the top prospects.