Could Andrew Bynum Sign with the Phoenix Suns This Offseason?

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Could Andrew Bynum Sign with the Phoenix Suns This Offseason?

Andrew Bynum is coming off what was essentially a lost season and will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

A history of knee injuries isn't usually what you want from a franchise player, but that didn't stop the Philadelphia 76ers from trading for Bynum last offseason.

Bynum is one of the most talented centers in the NBA and a walking double-double. Of course that's when he's actually healthy.

Bynum's upcoming free agency is unique.

He'll only be 26 years old, but entering his ninth season in the NBA. He's also played in all 82 games just once in his eight NBA seasons.

Even with all his injuries, it wouldn't be surprising if Bynum gets a multi-year deal with an annual salary around $10 million.

Considering that injury history and talent level, one of the questions that arise is, Could Bynum sign with Phoenix?

At first thought there's no way he would sign with the lowly Phoenix Suns and risk his best years on a struggling franchise.

Although, there are several hidden reasons why Bynum might just head back out west.

First off, Phoenix has the best medical staff in the NBA and could finally keep Bynum healthy.

Phoenix has already helped Steve Nash, Grant Hill, Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, Michael Redd and, to an extent, Vince Carter stay healthy in their stints with the Suns.

Bynum could easily be the next player that benefits from the acclaimed Phoenix medical staff.

Second, Phoenix will have the cap room to offer Bynum close to, or even above, $10 million per year on a multi-year contract.

It's clear from reports that Bynum will be looking everywhere this offseason and really doesn't have a preferred destination in mind.

I take that to mean he'll go to the team that either offers him the most money or the best chance to win a title.

I'm not sure which title contenders would be willing to sign Bynum to a big deal considering he's coming off a serious knee injury, but plenty of teams like Phoenix will gladly pay for his talent.

Finally, Phoenix can offer him the chance to be "The Man."

In Los Angeles, Bynum was never able to be the first, or even second, scoring option because of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. The trade to Philly was supposed to give him the chance to show he could be that top scoring option, but that didn't work out well.

Phoenix desperately needs a franchise player and Bynum could step into that role immediately.

Phoenix has the money, medical staff and ideal role to offer Bynum as he looks to reestablish his status at the second-best center in the NBA.  

Overall, Phoenix has to be considered a solid destination for Bynum.

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