5 WWE WrestleMania 29 Wrongs Corrected on Monday Night Raw

Jack Woodfield@@JWoodfield365Featured ColumnistApril 10, 2013

5 WWE WrestleMania 29 Wrongs Corrected on Monday Night Raw

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    WWE WrestleMania 29 was a memorable, if unspectacular showcase, but it was WWE Monday Night Raw that provided fans with the moments more befitting of the "Show of Shows."

    In this "Reality Era" fans have been pigeonholed into, reports emerge at an hourly rate of potential shocks and storyline developments for the upcoming future.

    With that in mind, fans' expectations were in likelihood much higher than they should have been for WrestleMania, with a rumoured Dolph Ziggler cash-in and Randy Orton heel turn high on everyone's wish lists.

    Neither event happened, and coupled with a predictable main event between John Cena and The Rock, fans' recollection of WrestleMania 29 will understandably err on the side of underwhelmed.

    Thankfully, the April 8 edition of Raw went some way towards restoring excitement for the company's short-term future, and here are five are the reasons why.

Dolph Ziggler Is Finally World Heavyweight Champion

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    WWE missed a huge opportunity in not having Dolph Ziggler cash in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania 29.

    A cash-in remains yet to feature at the "Showcase of the Immortals," and a timeless moment would have been created if Ziggler became World Heavyweight Champion on the grandest stage of them all rather than the following night on Raw.

    However, given Alberto Del Rio's WrestleMania experience up until April 7 was a defeat, and a night spent off the card, it is fitting that the "Mexican Aristocrat" received his WrestleMania moment.

    In some respects, Ziggler's capture of the gold was made more special on Raw, especially with the raucous Izod Centre crowd cheering him on like a wholly adored babyface.

    It made for special television, and with Ziggler as champion, a feud with Del Rio has the potential to produce masterpieces in the ring, such is the in-ring skills of both men.

    Furthermore, Jack Swagger, the man Del Rio conquered at WrestleMania, can now return to the midcard following his gamble of a push, which seems to have collapsed given his tepid heat from the WWE Universe.

    The Del Rio vs. Swagger feud was doing little for the world title, but with Ziggler on top, after waiting so long to get there, his desire to hold the gold will rub off on fans and make the gold far more prestigious than it has been in quite a while.

Ryback Boosted; WWE Championship Picture Brightened

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    Ever since The Rock returned to the WWE Championship picture, the gold has felt tainted due to a part-time superstar carrying it.

    Following John Cena's recapturing of the strap at WrestleMania 29, the title is at least back with a full-time worker, and as a result it feels like a title that is finally available for every superstar to chase.

    Let's face it, Ryback will not be beating The Rock for the WWE title anytime soon, but against John Cena, it is a more viable option, and therefore this brewing feud between the two feels believable and exciting.

    Despite Ryback twice lifting up Mark Henry at WrestleMania, he came out on the losing side, but his post-match beatdown of Cena on Raw saw his momentum skyrocket after a perplexingly poor 2013 to date for "Big Hungry."

    While it remains uncertain if that was the instigation of a Ryback heel turn, the WWE title is once again being contested in a fresh feud, which is a relief after the painfully predictable antics of Rock and Cena throughout the year so far.

    The Rock remains the No. 1 contender following Booker T's announcement on Raw, but once "Thrice in a Lifetime" is out of the way, Ryback vs. Cena has the potential to be one of the greatest feuds of the year.

Randy Orton Back on Track with Big Show/Sheamus Feud

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    With Randy Orton not turning heel at WrestleMania 29, another opportunity to create a lasting moment was dismissed by WWE, but events on Raw breathed life back into the "Viper."

    A prospective Orton heel turn has been discussed for months, especially given Orton's lobbying for it to take place, and his new three-way feud for Big Show and Sheamus is exactly the premise for it to occur.

    Orton took a horrific beating at Big Show's hands following his battle with Sheamus on Raw which could not have sat well with the "Apex Predator."

    Orton will be looking for vengeance in the coming weeks, and should it not be Big Show he obtains it from, Sheamus may yet be the man who bares the brunt of Orton's wrath.

    Big Show is the variable that muddles this feud, but it is the brewing dynamic between Sheamus and Orton which could formulate a lasting rivalry throughout the spring.

    WWE rarely build storylines involving three main eventers without featuring a championship, so not only does this rivalry feel fresh, but with an impending Orton heel turn imminent, this feud could be a defining milestone in 2013.

    Orton and Sheamus have lacked direction all year, but a feud stemmed from their involvement with Big Show could rejuvenate both men's careers, as well as the adoration both have recently lacked from the WWE Universe.

Wade Barrett Regains Momentum and Intercontinental Championship

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    Wade Barrett as the Intercontinental Champion was offering little to the company prior to WrestleMania 29, with his poor 2013 record hindering his attempts to convey that the title was worth holding.

    Losing to The Miz, whose remarkable run at the "Showcase of the Immortals" continued, was a blow, but his immediate reclaiming of the gold was a surprising and monstrous boost to his reputation.

    Having begun life in 2010 competing with WWE's main event stars, Barrett has struggled to make an impact since Nexus disbanded, but his victory on Raw was one of his biggest to date.

    Few would have expected the title to change hands twice in 24 hours, but doing so makes Barrett appear as if he has learned from his mistakes, adding to his experience, threat and standing.

    The Miz continues to struggle in his bid to convince fans he is worthy of their backing, especially if the crowd at the Izod Centre is anything to go by, but this setback will endear him far more to fans than a long title reign would have done.

    Fans generally are more inclined to cheer for the underdog or a superstar out on a quest. In this case, Barrett appears the dominant force once again, while Miz is back to chasing not just the title, but the path to relevancy.

    Both men win from the scenario, and it was welcome outcome that gives both some direction again after their title match was demoted to the Interactive Pre-Show at WrestleMania.

WWE Appease Fans with Post-Raw Treat

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    One of the complaints most observed from fans regarding WrestleMania 29 was WWE's disregard to creating fresh content that the WWE Universe wanted to see.

    With two main events featuring two rematches, boos showered The Rock and John Cena following the conclusion of their WWE Championship match, which few adult fans had been clamouring to see.

    Thankfully, Raw showcased several blossoming new rivalries, but what was another welcome sight to behold was what happened when Raw went off the air.

    Following the sensational atmosphere provided by the live Izod Centre crowd, which at one point included the singing of Fandango's theme song, WWE gave the fans one last opportunity for a sing-a-long.

    With so much vitriol issued towards WWE in recent months, in regard to their reliance on part-time stars and failure to build compelling new characters, it was a lovely touch from WWE that saw the crowd given what they wanted, albeit if it was a minor part of the show.

    With WrestleMania 29 now in the history books, WWE needs to begin the road to WrestleMania 30 on the right foot, and if the April 8 edition of Raw was anything to go by, it could be a very interesting ride.

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