WWE: Fans Continued to Surprise after Raw Went off the Air

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 9, 2013


Last night, anybody that watched Raw witnessed one of the most animated live audiences in WWE history.

The crowd was hot all night. Not only were audience members able to keep their energy up for the whole show, they seemed to get more and more creative as the evening progressed. Some of the most popular chants included:

  • "Same old sh*t"
  • "R-V-D"
  • "Feed me more"
  • "Mike Chioda"
  • "JBL"
  • "Jerry"
  • "Michael Cole"
  • "Cotton Candy"
  • "Ole, Ole, Ole"
  • "Pretzels"
  • "ECW, ECW, ECW"
  • "One more time"
  • "Thank you Big Show"

The single greatest moment of the night, however, came when Fandango made his in-ring Raw debut.

Fandango was out first for his match, followed by his opponent Kofi Kingston. Almost immediately after Kingston's music stopped, the audience began to hum Fandango's theme song. Fandango responded by dancing around the ring a bit. The audience kept this up for a few minutes until Chris Jericho interrupted the match. 

Following the match, Fandango said his name and his theme played again. At this point in time, the entire live audience appeared to be humming his theme while standing up and dancing.

According to a recent article on WrestlingInc.com, the night's best chant came back one final time. When Raw went off the air, John Cena was left in the ring. The article states:

Cena said they usually play music to end the show, but tonight, the fans were the music. He left the ring while the whole crowd hummed Fandango's theme again. Fandango's music hit and the crowd went nuts. The show closed with one final "we are awesome!" chant.

The fans in New Jersey may have just launched the career of Fandango.

Just imagine what would happen if humming his theme picked up traction and began to happen at all live events. In this scenario, Fandango would become huge. One of the biggest parts of "getting over" is having a connection with the fans. Tonight in New Jersey, we saw the fans connect with Fandango.

Now obviously this is one of those wait and see ordeals. This very well could end up being a one time thing that other fans in other venues never recreate. Although you cannot argue that the fans connected with Fandango, they also connected with cotton candy and pretzels.

Ultimately, I hope this skyrockets the career of Fandango, at least in the short term.