WWE Raw: Top 7 Questions Left Unanswered After Post-WrestleMania Show

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WWE Raw: Top 7 Questions Left Unanswered After Post-WrestleMania Show

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    WWE Raw was live from New Jersey just 24 hours after WrestleMania 29 in a show that may be perceived as one of the best of all time.

    As someone who is from New Jersey and was in attendance, the show felt just as good from the crowd as I am sure those at home felt.

    At the same time, WWE fans are left wondering a number of questions. These questions were left unanswered following the first Raw after WrestleMania 29.

    A number of feuds and turns were teased involving Ryback, The Shield and The Undertaker.

    Plus, why did Miz lose the Intercontinental title just a day after winning it at WrestleMania?

    These questions will be addressed as we address the top seven inquiries left unanswered after the post-WrestleMania 29 episode of Raw.

Was Raw the Right Time for Ziggler to Cash In?

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    Finally, Dolph Ziggler has cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and became the new World Heavyweight champion.

    After holding the briefcase for about nine months, the only question that remains unanswered is whether or not it was the right time.

    Obviously because he was successful in cashing in the briefcase one can argue that it was the right time. However, WrestleMania is a bigger event in which Ziggler could have become the new champion.

    Regardless, Raw’s amazing crowd certainly helped make the moment special. Ziggler may not have received such an ovation if it had happened at WrestleMania.

Why Did Miz Lose the Intercontinental Title 1 Day After Winning It?

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    Just over 24 hours after winning the Intercontinental title during the pre-show of WrestleMania 29, The Miz lost the belt to Wade Barrett in a rematch on Raw. WWE fans are left wondering why The Miz even won the title if long-term plans involved Wade Barrett as champion.

    One possible answer to this question is that WWE wanted to keep The Miz undefeated at WrestleMania. However, The Miz has generally been booked quite poorly, so it is interesting that WWE even cared about his WrestleMania streak.

    The Miz is a great person for WWE both in and out of the ring. He enjoys making media appearances and helping WWE any way he can.

    I actually bought a Miz shirt during Raw, just minutes before he lost the title to Barrett. Not cool.

Will The Shield Feud with The Undertaker?

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    While sitting in my seat during the Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter match, other fans informed me that police were nearby because The Shield were about to make an entrance.

    The following segment included The Undertaker talking about dedicating his win over CM Punk to the late Paul Bearer. Soon after, The Shield did enter, but backed off when Team Hell No got involved.

    Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I did suggest this six-man tag match for WrestleMania back in February.

    Regardless, The Undertaker along with Team Hell No is the perfect next opponents for The Shield.

    Perhaps it will lead to a tag title run by The Shield. However, Undertaker rarely makes appearances, so perhaps this was a one-night-only type of thing.

Is Ryback Turning Heel?

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    At the conclusion of Raw, Ryback attacked new WWE champion John Cena and delivered Shell Shock to the champion.

    Was this the first step to a Ryback heel turn?

    The possibility was reportedly discussed as recent as February, but it doesn’t have to happen. Ryback could still challenge for the WWE title without turning heel.

    John Cena doesn’t have many top Superstars to feud with that he hasn’t wrestled already. Cena was involved in a Triple Threat match with Ryback in the past, but this would be different.

    At the same time, Ryback has been losing a lot on pay-per-view and would have reason to turn heel. He developed quickly into a top babyface but was screwed out of matches by Brad Maddox and The Shield numerous times.

Was The Rock’s Absence a Good Thing?

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    Former WWE champion The Rock was absent from Raw one night after losing the title to John Cena at WrestleMania. According to reports, The Rock suffered an injury against Cena at WrestleMania, but that may not have been such a bad thing.

    The Rock was criticized a lot as WWE champion for not being on WWE TV often enough, resulting in a poor build to the main event of Sunday’s show of shows.

    Since people had an issue with the poor use and booking of The Rock, they should be happy he was not on Raw. If he had been on Raw, Ryback may not have teased a heel turn and the crowd may have reacted differently.

Why Was the Crowd More into Raw Than WrestleMania?

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    As a proud New Jersey native, Raw’s crowd was certainly enthusiastic and active throughout the night. The same cannot be said for WrestleMania, despite being in a larger arena.

    However, this may be part of the reason why. The closed, smaller Izod Center allowed for fans in the crowd to interact with one another more and for chants to be heard better.

    WrestleMania being outdoors and holding so many more people made it difficult for fans to hear one another. The other reason has to do with the booking. The crowd was chanting for Ziggler all night on Raw, but they may have enjoyed it at WrestleMania too. WWE chose to have Ziggler cash in on Raw, though.

Where Was Antonio Cesaro?

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    In addition to being absent from WrestleMania, United States champion Antonio Cesaro was nowhere to be seen on Raw. Cesaro has certainly been built poorly as champion as evident by losses to Randy Orton and Sheamus among others.

    However, leaving the only male champion off both WrestleMania and Raw will only hurt the prestige of the belt. Cesaro helped bring prestige back to the belt after Santino had a terrible run.

    Now WWE is making the mistake again when it has a young newcomer as champion. Hopefully, we see Cesaro sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, though, WWE has not even mentioned Cesaro.

    What questions were you left with unanswered after Raw? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

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