MLB Records with the Best Chance to Be Broken This Season

Chris Stephens@@chris_stephens6Correspondent IIApril 9, 2013

MLB Records with the Best Chance to Be Broken This Season

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    Records are made to be broken.

    Some MLB records, like Cy Young's 511 wins, are safe until the end of time. Then there are others, like Barry Bonds' 762 career home runs, that will eventually be broken.

    Some may happen this year.

    But which ones?

    Here's a look at career and season records that could fall this year.

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Juan Pierre: All-Time Groundouts

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    This isn't a record to brag about, but Miami Marlins outfielder Juan Pierre could become the all-time leader in groundouts this year.

    Pierre currently trails New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter by a tally of 3,199 to 3,134.

    What leads me to believe that Pierre will pass Jeter is the fact that Jeter is out until May 1, according to Sporting News.

    Pierre has already grounded out in 13 of 27 at-bats this year. If that ratio continues, he'll more than catch up to Jeter—he'll pass him.

    The biggest question then will be whether Jeter can take back the lead once he comes back.

    There's no doubt Jeter will end up with the mark by the end of his career, but it could be an interesting race as the season winds down.

    As a note, ground-ball outs are not available for any players before the 1980s.

Houston Astros: Team Strikeouts in a Season

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    The Houston Astros led baseball in strikeouts (74) prior to Monday's game. That's more than 12 per game.

    At this rate, the Astros will strike out 1,998 times this year, which will pass the 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks (1,529).

    While the team that strikes out the most isn't necessarily the worst in the league, sadly it looks as if the Astros will hold both titles.

    Which brings me to my next broken record...

Houston Astros: Losses in a Season for AL Team

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    Luckily, the Astros aren't as bad as the 1899 Cleveland Spiders, who lost 134 games.

    However, they can break the 2003 Detroit Tigers' AL record of 119 losses.

    I just don't see the Astros getting more than 42 wins, which is what it will take to not break the record.

    Houston will struggle this year. It would be better served playing in Triple-A than playing in the big leagues.

Adam Dunn: Individual Strikeouts in a Season

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    Adam Dunn missed the all-time record for strikeouts in a season last year by one (222).

    However, this year the Chicago White Sox slugger will eclipse the mark and take the title from Mark Reynolds, who struck out 223 times for the Diamondbacks in 2009.

    Dunn will either hit the ball a very long way or miss it completely. That's just his game.

    If he does get the record, Chicago fans won't care as long as he hits 40 or more home runs again.

Jim Johnson: Saves in a Season

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    Jim Johnson had 51 saves last year with the Baltimore Orioles.

    There's no reason to believe he can't challenge Francisco Rodriguez's mark of 62 set in 2008.

    Johnson is a beast at the back of the Baltimore bullpen.

    The starting rotation has only gotten three decisions thus far, and Johnson has finished three games with two saves.

    Johnson will get more than 50 saves once again, and with the lineup the Orioles have, Johnson will get enough opportunities to set the record.