See Derrick Rose's Baby Wearing a Tuxedo

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013


Derrick Rose hasn't done much of anything this season, but the time off has done him good. He's got plenty of time to heal, worked on his humanitarian game and found time to squeeze in a bit of shopping with his son.

Rose continues to ponder when he'll be returning to action after tearing his ACL last season, but he's spent plenty of time in the limelight otherwise.

One silver lining of D. Rose's absence: more time off to find designer baby tuxedos for his newborn…

— Ricky O'Donnell (@SBN_Ricky) April 8, 2013

Quite possibly the most important thing he's done over the course of the past year is finally throw his son into the ring of cute NBA kids, giving Little Chris Paul a run for his money.

While Lil' Chris might have all the ladies swooning with his press conference antics, P.J. Rose is too busy getting gussied up and working on his game.

Baby Chris is having a good time laughing it up with the Clippers, but P.J. is already dunking, and the little dude isn't even a year old yet.

With P.J. already learning the dress code for sitting on the sidelines in the NBA and starting to throw down a few nasty dunks, I think we've all got the same question on our minds: will P.J. get into the league before his dad returns to action?

Sure, we're all waiting to figure out when Rose is going to play again, but if he keeps pumping out pictures of his kid, everybody will at least have something cute to look at.