WWE Wrestlemania 29: Where Did the Event Rank All Time?

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

WrestleMania XXIX left many fans disappointed. Some even left early as a means to boycott the main event rematch that was supposed to be once in a lifetime.

With only one or two matches truly having a WrestleMania feel namely the instant classic between CM Punk and The Undertaker— it's hard to make an argument for any other match on the card delivering on expectations.

The cash cow program of Rock-Cena should deliver huge numbers financially, but history may not be as kind to this edition of WWE's grand spectacle.

Top five? No way. Top ten? Probably not. Top 15. Maybe.

This was no WrestleMania X-Seven, nor was it even on par with what was a strong WrestleMania XXVIII from last year.

WrestleMania XXIX's rushed pace combined with largely average matches that did not pique fan interest will ultimately prevent this pay-per-view from being anything other than a glorified cash grab.

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