Blue Jays Fan Successfully Storms Field, Unsuccessfully Attempts to Get Away

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 8, 2013

Photo Credit: A vs E Vid's Vine
Photo Credit: A vs E Vid's Vine

Always leave yourself an out. 

The best way to ruin an otherwise fantastic caper is to forget all about the getaway plan, which is what the following Blue Jays fan did when he failed to scale the outfield fence after his brash jaunt onto the field. 

On Sunday, R.A. Dickey continued to do his best to make us all forget about his Cy Young award-winning season, giving up seven earned runs in four-plus innings.

So you could say the best part of the day, at least for the Toronto faithful, was when a fan wearing a white shirt and fancy fauxhawk stormed the Rogers Centre field. Deadspin spotted some of the best from a near-perfect field crashing:

There is no mention as to which inning this all went down. I like to think the fan was just bored with a star-studded team once again falling behind and eventually losing this game to the Boston Red Sox, 13-0. 

Instead of leaving the park sensibly, he was escorted out, but only after sliding into second. Hey, someone from Toronto had to reach second base on Sunday. 

Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras nowadays, we can relive this masterstroke of genius in multiple angles. 

Here is a Vine post from A vs E Vids, via a tweet from Records and Radio (h/t Big Lead):

It looks like someone needed to put in an extra rep or two at the gym. This particular pull-up disaster resembles a petulant kid being dragged from a toy store or Pablo Sandoval being pulled into a gym. 

It's fitting that this kind of antic would happen to a Blue Jays fan. Much like the actual team, the initial run onto the field starts out with so much hope. From this angle, it looks like our fauxhawk friend is going to get away:

Instead, he fails like a Dickey start or a trip to the batter's box from Melky Cabrera.


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