Landry Jones: Video Highlights for Former Oklahoma QB

Ben Layman@@houtexmajorinCorrespondent IApril 26, 2013

Landry Jones: Video Highlights for Former Oklahoma QB

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    Landry Jones easily ranks among of the most polarizing quarterback prospects in this year's draft. The former Sooner leaves Norman with 123 career touchdowns to his name on over 2,000 career throws. You won't find many signal-callers in this draft with that kind of experience.

    Watch enough Oklahoma Sooners games and you'll see Jones has the arm and accuracy to make all the NFL throws. He carried Oklahoma's offense for four years and made it one of the scariest units to face in the Big 12.

    Here are the top plays from Landry Jones' prolific college career. 

Dropping It in the Bucket

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    Not only does Jones show off his big arm in this highlight, but he shows the presence of mind to drop the ball on the outside shoulder of the receiver.

    Kenny Stills doesn't need to slow down or readjust because of the quality of the ball placement. The completion was a classic "drop it in the bucket" throw, where only the receiver has a chance to make a play on the ball.

    Also of note, this throw was a bull's-eye 50-plus yards downfield. A play like this should put to bed any concerns over Jones' arm strength.

Throwing Under Pressure

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    With all the questions over his ability to handle pressure, evaluators want to get a good look at these plays when the pocket breaks down.

    While he holds on to the ball for too long on this play, Jones makes a throw right into the face of a defender bearing down on him knowing very well he's about to take a hard hit.

    Luckily for Jones, his go-to receiver, Stills, had a few yards of separation on his man and took it to the house for six.

Precisise Play-Action Throw

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    Evaluators are always looking for "NFL throws" and it doesn't get much more NFL than this.

    Landry Jones is asked to turn his back to the defense for a brief moment off of play action—something young quarterbacks are often skittish about doing.

    The fake is sold and Jones drops a beautiful ball in between the corner and the safety. It takes enough guts to turn your back on a hard-hitting Florida State Seminoles defense like this, but to have the confidence to attempt to fit this ball into the window Jones did was impressive.

Accuracy in the Red Zone

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    The windows get tighter in the red zone and it's important to see if quarterbacks can make the throws they'll be asked to make in this crucial part of the field in the NFL.

    This was a perfect back-shoulder fade pass to Stills and it should've been hauled in for a touchdown. Notice only Stills had a chance to make a play on the ball, which is crucial in the red zone, where turnovers are back-breakers.

    These are the type of "touch" throws that NFL quarterbacks have to be able to make and Jones shows off his accuracy in a big way with this one.

Pump-Fake Touchdown Throw

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    Another pressing question for evaluators: Can this quarterback manipulate coverages?

    Quarterbacks can use a number of tools to influence the coverage, from eye placement to one of the more common ways shown here.

    Landry Jones pump-fakes a throw underneath to his running back, who's running a wheel route out of the backfield. The coverage reacts to the fake just enough so that the receiver downfield gets a little more separation. Jones hits a wide open Stills in the end zone for a touchdown.

Exploiting a Defensive Miscue

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    After a less-than-stellar performance against a UTEP defense that hit him hard all game long, Landry Jones stepped up in the fourth quarter with this crucial touchdown pass.

    The key to this throw was the fact that his slot receiver was left uncovered. Rather than overreacting to the coverage mistake, Jones keeps his vision in the middle of the field and allows his slot receiver to work his way downfield.

    The UTEP linebacker who finally picks him up in coverage makes a mistake and plays inside leverage. As soon as Jones identifies this, he makes a precision throw to the receiver's outside shoulder for an easy touchdown.

3rd-and-Long Completion Under Pressure

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    Because it's one of his main knocks, evaluators will continue to focus on Jones' play under duress.

    Facing 3rd-and-long and pressure that moves him off his spot, Jones keeps his vision downfield and hits Ryan Broyles just as he gets a free release.

    While Jones could've thrown the ball out of bounds at the first sight of pressure and lived for another down, he extended the play after initially being flushed out.

    It isn't a touchdown, but plays that move the chains on third downs like this are crucial in the NFL.