Blake Griffin's Quick Thinking Saved Slam Dunk from Being Lame Finger-Roll Layup

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 8, 2013

Blake Griffin will see your fancy finger-roll layup and raise you one amazing slam dunk.

Slam Online (h/t SportsGrid) brings us this video from Sunday night’s Clippers game against the Lakers, one the Clips would win, 109-95. 

With the Lakers on the brink of playoff elimination, the Clippers were content to just run around befuddling their Los Angeles rivals. 

Take this play for example. Blake Griffin goes up for what would have been a perfectly sensible and completely pleasant finger-roll layup. 

Instead, Griffin pulls off a stunning magic trick by transforming the ordinary into extraordinary in a split second. Now, Griffin dunks don't really move the meter anymore. The guy is so proficient at it that the mere mention of "Griffin" and "slam" in the same sentence usually produces a yawn reaction. 

However, this move would most definitely classify as a "Well, we haven't seen this before" slam dunk. 

Upon initial viewing, it doesn't seem quite so amazing, but the reaction from the Clippers resident dunk artist should tip you that he just shocked himself. 

In the slow-motion replay, you can see Griffin glide through the air, not unlike Michael Jordan from Space Jam

Thanks to quick wits and the ability to fly, Griffin is afforded just one second to dispatch with all this layup guff and go with something far more memorable. 

Shame on us for ever thinking Griffin would lay up the basketball. 


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