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Debate: Should Mike D'Antoni Cut Back on Kobe Bryant's Minutes?

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Debate: Should Mike D'Antoni Cut Back on Kobe Bryant's Minutes?
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Kobe Bryant has played at least over 42 minutes in the Lakers' last 4 games. Should Mike D'Antoni cut back on his minutes to save the wear and tear on his body or should Kobe play as much as he wants?


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It's quite interesting. Phil tried to reduce Kobe's minutes no matter what. In his last season as head coach Kobe only played 33 minutes per game. Whi...
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He's averaging 6.1 assists per game this season. Career high! Guess what, the only player who has more assists than Kobe not being a point guard is Le...
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No, Kobe Bryant is the reason that the Lakers are even relevant this season. If you remove Kobe in the line up no one will lead the team. YES The la...
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Sure.....If you want to get an early start on your next fishing trip sat Kobe because you haven't got a prayer of making the playoffs by reducing his ...
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Francine, Do you think another reason why Kobe wants to play those minutes is to pad his stat line and chase the scoring record? :)
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He also has by far the worst assist to turnover ratio out of 26 players with at least 6 assists per game. 1.Paul 4.15 ... 11.Nash 2.64 ... 23.Lill...
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