The Nickel: A Bunch of Farewells and the Last Stop to Backlash, RAW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IApril 21, 2009

Jericho vs Cena

To be honest, the moment this match was announced my stomach turned. The Jericho/Steamboat match was scheduled for Backlash as many suspected. The match was actually pretty darn good.

Usually it doesn't take Cena too long to connect with the Attitude Adjustment, but he had it out with Jericho. The night looked boring with a bunch of farewell matches, but Jericho stuck it to Cena.

In fact, he did better than Big Show and Edge did at Wrestlemania XXV. Both competitors will still fighting after an Attitude Adjustment, Codebreaker, Walls of Jericho, and an STFU.

The conclusion came when the two men were battling on the top rope. Edge came and pushed off both men resulting in DQ. He then followed up with a conchairto to John Cena, my favorite part of the night. The match was good, I just wished it ended in pin or submission instead of DQ.

Santino/Santina and Melina vs Beth Phoenix

How can people actually cheer this nonsense on? This Santina angle is absolute crap. To make matters worse, Beth Phoenix is dragged down as well. The diva division needed help and they got shit in return.

Beth looks like she'll be tied up in this plot for a while, so what will Maryse do? I only see Mickie James as an actual opponent. RAW showed a segment of Santino obviously talking to a pre-recorded conversation with "Santina."

Phoenix is being wasted away in this crappy feud and she comes out to announce that Santina will kiss Khali on the kiss cam at Backlash. Are you kidding me? Don't even get me started on Khali.

It seems that Beth Phoenix is on a massive losing streak. Ever since she lost the Women's title to Melina at the Rumble, I can't recall her winning. Melina picked up the win and gave her goodbyes to RAW.

Big Show vs Rey Mysterio

If I'm sick of any matchup, it's this one. David and Goliath have faced off too many times. Fortunately, WWE knew how to conduct the match this time. There was no cheating and no miracle Mysterio win, Big Show dominated.

How the heck did Rey hurricarana him into the corner? Show gave him a thunderous chop to the chest and even pulled him into the ring by grabbing his hand. Mysterio has some momentum going with the 6-1-9's, but Show caught the second one.

Rey was carried in one arm by a child and he recieved the knockout punch righht to his jaw. Big Show dominates again and continues to look a like the powerful force he's supposed to be.

Triple H vs Randy Orton

So this was the Wrestlemania rematch? It was decent. Orton and Triple H went back and forth before Trips took control for a while...pretty much the rest of the match. Backstage segments between Trips and Shane and Shane/Batista helped build up for Backlash, but I'm still not buying.

Orton's DDT on the steel steps was countered and Trips had control ever since. It was all over for Orton, but Legacy ran out to his aid. (surprise!) How many times must they bail out Orton?

The two jump Trips and Shane and Batista also make their way to the ring. A brawl erupts and Orton his holding his injured leg on the corner. Rhodes dodges Batista's spear, which connects with Shane McMahon and DiBiase takes care of Batista.

Orton catches Trips with an RKO and wins the match. The main event was decent up until the brawl, which was a bit better.

Rest of show


-No Miz

-No Maryse

-Too much farewell matches

-CM Punk vs Kane was quick and boring