Is Vincent Kompany a Perfect Fit for Barcelona?

Sam TigheWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterApril 8, 2013

Is Vincent Kompany a Perfect Fit for Barcelona?

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    The Metro believe Vincent Kompany is a summer target for soon-to-be La Liga champions Barcelona.

    The defender's time at Manchester City has been glorious, and fans would be loathe to lose their enamoured club captain. Recent reports that the relationship between Kompany and club is fractious after returning from injury early seem blown out of proportion.

    But that hasn't stopped the Barca link, and we're left to wonder if he's the missing piece of the puzzle.  

Barcelona's Current Situation

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    Barcelona currently have a pretty poor defence.

    Chances for the opposition are kept to a minimum due to the obscene possession figures the Spanish side pull in, but when teams do get a chance they slice right through them.

    Carles Puyol's aging body is no longer fit for more than 20 games at full tilt per season, while Javier Mascherano looks very uncomfortable at the back.

    Even Gerard Pique, a man who was widely considered the best centre-back in Europe not so long ago, is suffering. But one appropriate signing could breathe fresh air into this crop.

    While many point to the attacking nature of Jordi Alba and Dani Alves, it's torrid to think how open the Catalans would be if it weren't for Sergio Busquets.

    A signing is clearly needed. 

Playing Style

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    Vincent Kompany has everything you want in a captain—calm demeanor, objective viewpoint yet fierce passion for the cause.

    His ability to bring the ball out and play it on the deck would be most welcome at the Camp Nou, but he could still expect a radical change to the way he plays from the coaching staff.

    Even Cesc Fabregas, a Cule since birth and a product of the academy, struggled to find the rhythm for months.

    Kompany played as a holding midfielder during his early days as a Citizen and with regularity for Hamburg. His comfort on the ball in any area, in addition to his aerial dominance and timing in the tackle, is what makes him a world-class talent. 


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    Playing style, he's a fit. Given Barcelona's dire need at centre-back, he's a fit.

    But price-wise, is he attainable?

    Manchester City are a big financial fish—they're not used to having vultures swoop for their best players anymore. They're the ones who do the swooping.

    With the club doing everything they can to elevate themselves to the level Barca currently enjoy, what is there to suggest the Citizens would consider selling to a rival? 

Is He the One?

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    With reports surfacing that Barcelona have €50 million available to spend on new players this summer, fans are compiling their wish lists.

    Would Kompany be bought for a sum of €50 million? To be honest, that's probably not enough, and there's going to be at least one other position Barca wish to solidify.

    Fans will want Mats Hummels too, but again he will cost the earth. What of other, cheaper options?

    Daniel Agger would be cheaper, Inigo Martinez would be cheaper. Why not try what Real Madrid did with Raphael Varane and promote a promising talent?

    Marc Bartra needs games, or could a young prospect like Kurt Zouma be brought in?

    While Kompany would be a great fit considering Barca's style of play, you just can't see any legs in this one.