WWE WrestleMania 29: Who Got the Biggest Pops of the Night?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 8, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 29: Who Got the Biggest Pops of the Night?

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    The most popular stars from WrestleMania 29 had fans making MetLife Stadium rumble.

    Fans from around the world packed into the building and made their superstar preferences clear. Cheers, screams and chants all echoed through the night.

    Who earned the biggest reaction from the crowd, the most electrified pop?

    The following are the wrestlers who garnered the biggest reaction, either positive or negative, from the fans in attendance.

Honorable Mention: Dean Ambrose

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    The Shield didn’t get much of a reaction when the group sauntered down to the ring, but once the action began, it was clear that the crowd favored Dean Ambrose over his teammates.

    The audience popped when Ambrose first stepped in between the ropes. They seemed to delight in everything he did. A few "Dean Ambrose!" chants echoed through the stadium during his six-man match.

    That's a great sign for him as he continues his career. Whatever reasons the crowd had for singling him out, it means he's doing something right

7. Randy Orton

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    Of the three men on his team, Randy Orton was the clear winner in terms of fan reaction.

    The MetLife crowd roared when his music came on and reacted passionately to his work in the ring. Orton fanned the flames several times by waving the fans on, encouraging them to get louder for him.

    The explosion after his RKO of Seth Rollins was cut short as just a few moments later, it was Dean Ambrose pinning him for the win.

6. Team Hell No

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    There wasn't much crowd noise when Team Hell No entered, but that soon changed once Daniel Bryan began kicking Dolph Ziggler in the chest.

    The "Yes!" chants thundered through the arena.

    A year removed from Bryan losing in record time to Sheamus, the fans' support for him and his demented teammate was unmistakable. They were invested into the tag match from bell to bell and shouted exuberantly when Team Hell No retained.

5. Chris Jericho

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    The reaction to Fandango's entrance was eerily quiet.

    Was that the New Jersey crowd in silent protest or just the sound of disinterest? That disquieting lack of reaction was contrasted with the fervent response to Chris Jericho coming out.

    While not as emotionally charged as when Jericho was announced as the second entrant for this year's Royal Rumble, there was a robust, heartfelt reaction to Jericho standing in his light-up jacket.

    The fans seemed to disengage once the match started, only perking up sporadically. Fandango may get there eventually, but he is clearly not over right now.

4. CM Punk

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    Apparently in some cities and with some fans, CM Punk can't do enough villainy to get booed.

    Coming off an angle where he mocked Paul Bearer and dumped his urn all over Undertaker, fans at MetLife still let WWE know how much they respect the former WWE champ.

    With Living Color playing his entrance music live, Punk received a loud, passionate welcome.

    While support for his opponent was even louder, Punk got his fair share of chants and screams. Perhaps the vocal appreciation from the fans is enough to console him about not being in the main event.

3. Undertaker

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    As The Deadman stepped through a wave of arms from mock graves, as he stepped out of the blue fog, the WWE fans in attendance at MetLife erupted.

    The Undertaker's entrance doesn't lend itself to a single explosion of noise because it's so long, but the audience still made its point. The Undertaker is still and always be beloved.

    That was made even clearer when fans began raucous chants of his name throughout the match. This was the match the fans seemed most into from beginning to end. 

2. John Cena

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    Boos rumbled through MetLife when John Cena's name was announced.

    In some arenas, Cena gets a hero's welcome. In cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and apparently East Rutherford, Cena is vilified as the symbol of the PG Era. His reaction was of course negative, but one of the biggest of the night.

    If fans were saving their voice to scream at someone, it seemed they waited for the man who ended the night as WWE champ. Much of that vitriol is likely from fans knowing that Cena would once again be champion and that predictability would cap WrestleMania 29.

1. The Rock

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    This is why WWE brings The Rock back as a part-timer.

    The Rock's music came on and the MetLife crowd ignited. No one on the card got a louder, more passionate, more unified response. Rock may not have won the actual match, but he did win the battle of popularity.

    Casual fans who can't name a single wrestler from NXT, fans who haven't tuned in to WWE for years, can still appreciate the star that is The Rock. Longtime fans have a special place in their hearts for The Great One as well.

    Folks are apparently still smelling what The Rock is cooking.