WWE WrestleMania XXIX: Brodus Clay Comments About Match Being Cut

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WWE WrestleMania XXIX: Brodus Clay Comments About Match Being Cut

As advertised and built up in the recent weeks, WrestleMania was scheduled to have an eight-person tag team match pitting the Tons of Funk team of Brodus Clay and Sweet T, partnered with The Funkadactyls, against Team Rhodes Scholars—Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, partnered with Nikki and Brie Bella.

WWE did a pretty good job of building this match leading into the pay-per-view, giving it an ample amount of television time on Raw, SmackDown and Main Event.

The participants of this match were seemingly excited to be featured on the show, and rightfully so. There are superstars that wrestle their entire career without making WrestleMania, and to be on the card should always be thought of as a privilege by everyone—even the most established stars.

Cody Rhodes tweeted about WrestleMania:

Tensai also tweeted:

Unfortunately, this excitement was for naught.

Due to time constraints, the match was cut from the event and did not even make the pre-show. Even though many may not be in agreement with the "Tons of Funk" tag team, as least this gives Tensai something to do after his overhyped debut, flash-in-the-pan push and eventual flop. This is a good team to have in the division right now.

Team Rhodes Scholars shouldn't have gotten the snub either, and the Bella Twins added much-needed flavor to the Divas division. Overall, this match would have been a good way to transition from one marquee match to another.

Instead, we got Diddy.

Brodus Clay tweeted about the matter:

It is pretty obvious that it was a last-minute decision made by the WWE as a result of a misjudgment of timing the matches. To prove this, the Bellas sent a tweet showing their team getting ready for the match.

Sadly, the eight participants did not experience their WrestleMania moment this year.

Do you think it was an unfair move to scrap this match? Comment, civilly, below.

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