WWE WrestleMania 29: 3 Reasons Why Epic PPV Was an Overall Disappointment

Adrian FylonenkoFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013


What makes WrestleMania so special? Phenomenal wrestling? Unpredictability? Loud, excited and relentless fans?

Unfortunately, WrestleMania 29 felt extremely underwhelming and was an overall disappointment. Of course, there were a few matches that no one was interested in from the get-go, but come on, you can at least pretend—it’s WrestleMania for crying out loud.

After a Shield victory and an acceptable start to WrestleMania 29, the next three matches made it seem like we were watching an episode of Raw…or even worse, SmackDown.

Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger put on a decent match, but the lukewarm crowd ruined the overall atmosphere, which ruined the match. Hell, when Swagger tapped out to the Cross Arm Breaker, fans barely noticed. One positive, everyone in MetLife Stadium was excited and intrigued during the CM Punk and Undertaker match (as they should have been), but that was it.

There are many reasons why WrestleMania 29 failed to deliver, but I’m going to list only three.


No Twists or Turns

Now I know asking for a John Cena heel turn was asking too much, but a Randy Orton turn could have been done rather easily. Give credit to the WWE, Sunday night they pulled a fast one on all of us by having the Big Show turn on his team. Oh, Big Show was already a heel and was doing what bad guys do? I guess that isn’t so surprising.

At best, the WWE Tag Team Title match was decent. Daniel Bryan pinned Dolph Ziggler in the middle of the ring, so that got every WWE fan anticipating Ziggler cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase later on in the show. Unfortunately, Ziggler didn’t even tease a run-in/cash-in.

Every year at WrestleMania there is at least one twist or turn that fools the fans. The WWE had more than enough chances to do something special and memorable at WrestleMania 29, but there were no surprises.

What is the point of Dolph Ziggler carrying around the Money in the Bank briefcase if he isn’t going to cash it in? It’s been over nine months! Why hasn’t Randy Orton turned heel yet? The Apex Predator himself has even said he’s looking forward to a heel turn. Orton is one of the WWE’s top Superstars and shouldn’t be involved in the midcard.

The Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena were all overwhelming favorites to win. And they did.

The biggest twist that we saw at WrestleMania 29 was Jack Swagger getting a jobber entrance.


No WrestleMania 'Moments'

The closest thing we had to an actual WrestleMania moment is when Ryback picked up Mark Henry and hit him with the Shell Shock. Ryback lifting Henry up and executing his finishing move is impressive, but it came after the match was over. Usually, faces don’t attack heels and when they do, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The two best matches of the night were CM Punk vs. The Undertaker and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. All four Superstars gave it their all and put on hard-fought and heartfelt performances.

However, there was not a defining or memorable moment in either match. CM Punk hit The Undertaker in the head with the urn, but was there ever a doubt that the Deadman wouldn’t kick out? Also, if Lesnar managed to beat Triple H, it would have been a WrestleMania moment for both of them. Lesnar would have been known as the man who retired Triple H and Triple H retiring at WrestleMania 29 would have been a big deal.

When it comes to a wrestling match, The Rock vs. John Cena II did not disappoint. Despite each Superstar hitting their finisher three or four times, they put on a match that was a hundred times better than last year’s bout.

Like I said before, a John Cena heel turn was very unlikely, but there should have been some sort of interference or special moment during the match.

Where was Johnny Ace? Where was the ref being knocked out so Cena can grab a chair and tease a heel turn? Where was John Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment on top of the Statue of Liberty? All jokes aside, The Rock and John Cena had a decent match, but they failed to give the WWE Universe a WrestleMania moment.

Oh yeah, John Cena and The Rock shaking hands and hugging each other is not a WrestleMania moment. Nobody wanted to see that.


The MetLife Stadium Fans

Either the MetLife Stadium fans should be ashamed of themselves or the WWE should be embarrassed for the lack of noise during each match at WrestleMania 29. You should never have “boring” chants during a WrestleMania main event.

The crowd was virtually silent after the first match and finally picked up when The Undertaker and CM Punk came to the ring. Every person at MetLife Stadium was excited to see the Deadman back in action and I am so happy to say that he didn’t disappoint. Punk and Taker put on a great match and the crowd was definitely into it.

What I can’t understand is that the Triple H and Brock Lesnar match was excellent. It was physical as hell, hard-hitting, and the outcome of the match was somewhat unpredictable. Lesnar got the upper hand and dominated early, but the crowd didn’t acknowledge that fact. There is no doubt that Triple H vs. Lesnar and Punk vs. Taker were the two best matches of the night.

I’m not sure if the MetLife Stadium crowd was tired after the Punk and Taker match or what, but Lesnar and Triple H put on a great show and deserved a much better response.

I have always been a fan of indoor arenas and stadiums and if WrestleMania 29 was held at Madison Square Garden or some other indoor structure, I guarantee the PPV would have been better. Atmosphere is everything when it comes to professional wrestling and if the crowd is dead, the match is dead.

Obviously, the crowd is much louder when you are actually attending the event, but I could literally hear crickets watching WrestleMania 29 on my couch here in Michigan.

Overall, I give WrestleMania a 6/10. The three main-event matches were great, but everything else on the card was disappointing.


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