Assigning Odds to Every Potential Seattle Seahawks Second-Round Pick

Todd Pheifer@tpheiferAnalyst IIIApril 8, 2013

Assigning Odds to Every Potential Seattle Seahawks Second-Round Pick

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    Time is running out on draft preparations, and very soon the Seattle Seahawks will be on the clock. The first-round pick has already been announced, and it is essentially Percy Harvin.

    But wait, there are so many more picks to predict.

    What will Seattle do? More specifically, how have the Seahawks gone about prioritizing their particular needs?

    Will Pete Carroll and John Schneider follow the wisdom of the fans, or will they be predictably unpredictable? Time for the draft graders to get their scorecards ready.

    The second round can actually be pretty tough to forecast, simply because there may be first-round talent that for whatever reason slides a few picks. In addition, this may be where players that were forecasted for later rounds could rise due to an impressive combine or because a team becomes enamored.

    With all of that in mind, here are odds for some potential Seattle Seahawks second-round picks.

Jesse Williams, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

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    Despite the fact that the Seahawks signed Tony McDaniel to a one-year deal, they arguably still need a big body in the middle now that Alan Branch has signed with the Buffalo Bills. At 6’3” and 323 pounds, Jesse Williams from Alabama may fit what Seattle needs.

    The bigger question may be how the Seahawks want to use their bevy of defensive ends, which now includes Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett, Bruce Irvin, Red Bryant and Chris Clemons. Needless to say, there may be some interesting defensive schemes next season.

    Williams comes from a marquee program and may be close to being NFL ready. He is an intriguing athlete, and if the Seahawks want a run-stuffer, Jesse or someone like him may be the pick in the second round.

    The odds might be better if Williams were more likely to be available when the Seahawks pick.

    Odds: 3-1

Montori Hughes, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee-Martin

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    If the Seahawks stick with the defensive tackle theme, there will be a bevy of possibilities in the second round. Some will obviously be more polished than others.

    One player that might fit the mold would be Montori Hughes from Tennessee-Martin.

    Hughes has had some off-the-field challenges in the past, but the Seahawks have never been frightened away by a player with a past. If Hughes fits the defensive scheme, he could be the man to enhance the talented Seattle defense.

    Again, projecting when a player should be drafted is a tough business. For example, Walter Football suggests that Hughes should actually be taken in the third or fourth round. Therefore, Seattle might be critiqued for taking Hughes in the second.

    However, the Seahawks have been criticized for their picks before, only to prove that they knew what they were doing.

    Odds: 5-1

Sio Moore, Outside Linebacker, Connecticut

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    Another potential need for the Seahawks is outside linebacker, as Leroy Hill is unlikely to return in 2013. If Malcolm Smith is not ready to step into the starting role, the ‘Hawks may prioritize this position in the draft.

    Enter Sio Moore, who is a fast and instinctive linebacker. Moore is the type of athlete that Carroll might find to be an excellent fit for the aggressive Seattle defense.

    The odds are a bit longer for Moore to be selected, only because the Seahawks may want to mind certain talents in later rounds of the draft. This is particularly true if Seattle wants to test Smith as a starter.

    We will see if he is available in the second round.

    Odds: 6-1

Kyle Long, Offensive Tackle, Oregon

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    There are certainly fans that would like to see the Seahawks upgrade the offensive line. This may be an area of perceived improvement, but somehow I don’t see Pete Carroll and John Schneider giving up on their current talent just yet.

    The Seahawks have been here before. They took an offensive tackle in the first round of both the 2010 and 2011 drafts. Will they really move on from players like James Carpenter and John Moffitt?

    Will adding a rookie to the mix be seen an upgrade over someone like J.R. Sweezy?

    Certainly, the Seahawks could draft someone like Kyle Long out of Oregon, as he is a recognizable NFL name as he has some upside. Or Seattle could grab Terron Armstead, as predicted by Walter Football. It seems more likely that management would let this group build a little more continuity.

    Odds: 10-1

Johnthan Banks, Cornerback, Mississippi State

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    The reality of the NFL is that depth can be crucial, particularly when players get hurt. This is also true with different types of coverages. It certainly helps to have deep talent in the secondary when you are running a nickel coverage.

    Could the Seahawks grab someone like Johnthan Banks of Mississippi State? He could add depth to an already talented secondary, and he is the right height (6’2”) for the Seattle philosophy.

    Granted, he did not have the fastest time (4.61) at the combine (via NBC Sports). In addition, he may be gone by the time the Seahawks pick in the second round.

    There is also the possibility that the Seahawks may feel like they have enough depth and do not need to take another cornerback with such a high pick.

    Odds: 12-1