WWE WrestleMania 2013: Highlighting the Most Memorable Moments of the Event

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 8, 2013

image from @BrianMazique on Twitter
image from @BrianMazique on Twitter

WrestleMania 29 featured a good number of memorable moments. There were a few head-scratching events as well, but all in all, the WWE creative team came through with well-orchestrated matches.

The Undertaker is still perfect at WrestleMania in the night's best match, and in my opinion, one of the greatest ever. He and CM Punk's performance was easily the thing I'll remember most about WrestleMania 29.

Triple H and Brock Lesnar put on a nice show, and John Cena became an 11-time WWE champion in a boring main event with The Rock.

There weren't any twists to the story lines, but maybe Vince McMahon and Co. are saving that for Monday Night Raw.

Here are the best moments from what I would call a pretty solid pay-per-view event.


Big Show Decks Sheamus and Randy Orton

I guess Sheamus was right not to trust Big Show. Ultimately the giant flipped on the Celtic Warrior and the Viper and cost them their match with The Shield.

After becoming angered that Orton stole a tag into the ring from a battered Sheamus, Show refused to help break the pin after Roman Reigns planted Orton with a spear.

Afterwards, Big Show decked both his partners with the Weapon of Mass Destruction. 


Ryback Shell Shocks Mark Henry

Ryback lost, but he did land one of the most impressive moves of the night. He was pinned after trying to perform the Shell Shock. Henry simply fell on top of him to break the hold and capture the win.

But when Henry came back in the ring to induct Ryback into the Hall of Pain, he fell victim to the biggest Shell Shock in the move's history.

It didn't count for much, but it was cool to see.


Triple Backbreaker by Big E Langston

Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston lost their attempt to win the tag team championships, but Big E was quite impressive in defeat.

The highlight of his performance was a triple backbreaker to Kane. This dude is ridiculously strong, but he still needs a bigger onesy.

The white one he wore on Sunday night is even smaller than his normal attire. Who do I call to complain about this?


Undertaker's Entrance

This entrance simply never gets boring. Perhaps it would if the Undertaker worked more than once per year, but he doesn't, so it's still breathtaking.


CM Punk: Move Thief

How many people were at home saying: "no he didn't," when CM Punk walked the top rope to land Old School on The Undertaker.

As usual, Punk was flawless in his execution and emulation of a legend's signature move.

Punk doesn't get enough credit for his ability to mimic and recreate legendary moves, voices, etc. Even in defeat, this guy is truly one of the best ever.


Undertaker's Epic Reversal and Win

The Triple H-Brock Lesnar match was very good. It would have been the best on most nights, but I can't say enough about the clash between Taker and Punk.

The entire match was worked wonderfully and was capped off by an amazing sequence of reversals. The match culminated with an impressive tombstone piledriver and the streak continues.


Brock Lesnar is in Shape

Somebody has been in the weight room. Brock Lesnar showed up for his match with Triple H in the best shape I've seen him in years.

He had a few botches in his match with Triple H, but overall he did well.


John Cena Wins the WWE Title

The main event was not very good, but we do have a new WWE champion. As a wrestling fan, you have to take notice of that.


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