WWE WrestleMania 2013: Predicting Winners That Would Most Benefit WWE

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIApril 7, 2013

WWE WrestleMania 2013: Predicting Winners That Would Most Benefit WWE

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    WrestleMania 29 is so close that Superstars and fans can nearly taste the excitement. As we prepare to witness action on the grandest stage of them all, however, those within the company have to be wondering one thing.

    What would the best outcomes be for the WWE?

    This may not appeal to fans or be what the wrestling marks want to hear. With that being said, these predictions would go a long way toward benefiting the WWE in the short or long term.

    So what would transpire if the WWE was thinking on the premise of solely what was good for the company?

Rhodes Scholars & Bella Twins over Brodus Clay, Tensai & the Funkadactyls

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    The pairing of Brodus Clay and Tensai has clearly been created for the sake of entertaining the younger crowd. They dance, they have attractive women as their valets and they're so big that they should be able to beat any opponent.

    The question is, how long will they actually have Tensai, a dominant heel during his time as A-Train, in such a nonsensical role?

    Furthermore, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow could form the WWE's next great heel tag team. Sandow is a master on the mic and Rhodes continues to improve in the ring.

    It's time to honor those abilities with a win.

    If that's not enough, note that the WWE lacks dominant young big men, as outlined by B/R's Justin LaBar. While he's far from young, Tensai's presence could at least alleviate the pressure on the few present.

    So why not allow him to thrive in the heel role we all know he's best fit to perform in?

Fandango over Chris Jericho

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    Over the past few months, the WWE has been hyping the debut of Johnny Curtis' latest character, Fandango. As he's consistently refused to wrestle due to the ring announcer's inability to properly announce his name, fans have let him hear about their displeasure.

    The question is simple—would they really bring him into the WWE with a loss?

    Chris Jericho is a legend in the industry and should go down as one of the greatest to have ever laced up a pair of boots. From his time as the first-ever undisputed champion to his 30 championship reigns between WWE, WCW and ECW, Jericho has done it all.

    As nice as it would be to see him win, why would the WWE make that happen at this stage of his career? It's time to bring up the young talent.

    This is a must-win for Fandango.

Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston over Team Hell No

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    Let's be real—the pairing of Daniel Bryan and Kane could only last so long. Even though they have undeniable chemistry and a fair mix of technical mastery and brute force, this team has to come to a head at one point or another.

    Where better than WrestleMania?

    Perhaps more importantly, the WWE must bolster its tag team division by making Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston a legitimate duo. With Ziggler being a spot mark's dream and Langston a powerhouse with relatively impressive in-ring prowess, the WWE can groom its next big tag team.

    More importantly, WWE can breathe life into the division by creating storylines centered around these two.

    With that being said, there is a question mark based the fact that Ziggler holds the Money in the Bank briefcase. This poses the possibility for Ziggler becoming the World Heavyweight champion as soon as tonight.

    Even still, we can't help but acknowledge Ziggler's popularity and the potential for a great feud between Bryan and Kane.

Ryback over Mark Henry

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    As much as my heart is telling me that Mark Henry should win and receive a World Championship push, we must not ignore the facts. Most notably, we cannot forget about what the WWE currently lacks.

    As B/R's Justin Labar outlined, WWE is in dire need of young big men.

    Ryback is 31 and Henry is 41. While neither are as young as Brock Lesnar was when he broke in, one is 10 years the lesser.

    Do we need to spell it out any more?

    You can debate whether or not Ryback deserves a World title push, but that's irrelevant in this case. Powerhouse wrestlers add much to a company, and WWE needs them to bring along their new generation of wrestlers who were previously considered undersized.

    Ryback could be a marketable face or a central heel somewhere down the line. It all starts with a win here.

Wade Barrett over The Miz

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    The WWE had once built Wade Barrett up to be the next great Superstar. The Bare Knuckle Brawler led the Nexus, secured victories over top talent and proved to be a capable mic-handler.

    Recently, however, Barrett has been buried in petty matches and limited important action. That must change.

    The Miz is a better wrestler than he's given credit for, but that doesn't mean he should win. Not only is the WWE misusing Barrett, but it's making his Intercontinental Championship reign seem rather meaningless.

    Restoring prestige to the title could transpire by allowing Barrett to earn this win and emerge victorious at WrestleMania. WWE could damage the prestige by making Barrett appear as a fluke champion.

    It's a rather simple decision.

The Shield over Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show

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    The Shield is one of the best things to happen to the WWE in quite some time. Not only did WWE take two of the most popular independent wrestlers in the world—Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins—but it paired them with a talented young powerhouse in Roman Reigns to create a dominant trio.

    So why not cement the group's status as the next big things at WrestleMania?

    It makes sense for Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show to secure this victory, as they stand as the last line of defense, per say. With that being said, all three of those men are established stars that need no further gains.

    The Shield could take the leap to elite as one of the greatest stables in recent memory with this win. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns deserve it. Give it to them.

Jack Swagger over Alberto Del Rio

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    Admittedly, I've never been the biggest fan of Jack Swagger. From his mediocre mic skills to his overrated in-ring ability, Swagger's status as a mat wrestler often creates a reputation that does not match his true ability.

    With that being said, he's significantly improved since teaming up with Zeb Colter and  deserves the opportunity to shine.

    My heart says that Alberto Del Rio should win so that Dolph Ziggler can cash in and finally earn what he deserves. With that being said, Swagger has become one of the WWE's most promising heels.

    With a need for young stars, making Swagger the face of the World Heavyweight Championship would be a wise move.

Triple H over Brock Lesnar*

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    See that asterisk after Triple H's name? That's because the outcome of this match hinges directly upon Brock Lesnar's future in the WWE.

    If he returns on a full-time basis, then he should win this match and allow it to catapult him back into the championship picture. If Lesnar's two-year deal is all about part-time appearances, however, there is no reason for him to win.

    With that being said, how better to see Triple H's career end than by way of a Shawn Michaels' super kick?

Undertaker over CM Punk

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    Some wrestling marks would love to see CM Punk rise from being "King of the Indies" to the man who ends The Undertaker's legendary WrestleMania winning streak. As historic as that would be for an independent wrestler—and quite frankly, all non-WWE looking wrestlers—it would be a bad thing.

    Punk is already the WWE's top heel; what added benefit would there actually be from him upsetting Taker?

    There is no denying how this would pave Punk's way for a legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the WWE. For those who debate that fact, how many other guys would have defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania?

    I'll wait while you count.

    With that being said, Punk is the man who can take credit for transforming the WWE from PG to something a little more on edge. His "shoot" promos will forever live on in WWE lore and he's already one of the longest-reigning WWE champions ever.

    Punk seems like he'd be the perfect candidate to end the streak, but can we honestly say that this is the best buildup ever to a Taker match at 'Mania? I'd say no.

    Give it to a younger guy that has more to prove, if anyone at all.

The Rock over John Cena

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    No matter how attractive the bottom half of this card may be, we know why people are truly tuning in. From diehard Attitude Era fans to the younger generation, everyone wants to see one match.

    Today's face of the company, John Cena, against one of the most popular wrestlers in the history of the industry, The Rock.

    As much as I would love to see Cena win and end this part-time champion nonsense, it honestly makes more sense for The Rock to emerge victorious. With multiple movies in theaters at once, there will never be a time which Rocky brings in more attention.

    That may not be the answer you want to hear, but it's what's best for WWE.