John Cena vs. The Rock Must Feature Twist to Satisfy Fans

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 7, 2013

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I wasn't happy when it became painfully obvious that the WrestleMania 29 main event would be a rematch of the feature at WrestleMania 28.

This was just too soon to see The Rock and John Cena clash again, especially at the apex of the show. The only way fans can walk away from WrestleMania 29 without feeling an unwanted sense of Deja vu is if the ending of the match features a twist.

Obviously, there has been a ton of talk about John Cena possibly turning heel. Genuinely, I try to stay away from this topic, but even I was suckered in this time.

Though I can see the logic in thinking this is the time for Cena to turn to the dark side, it is very difficult to ignore the unwritten responsibility he has to his charities.

But as I mentioned in the referenced article, you never know with WWE.

Even if Cena doesn't turn, that doesn't mean some outside force can't intervene to the detriment of the Rock or Cena.

The first group that comes to mind is obviously The Shield. It has made a name for itself by crashing the party with its signature entrance through the crowd.

The Shield has laid waste to both The Rock and Cena since it burst upon the scene. With its twisted and sometimes hard-to-follow brand of justice, there is no telling who it will target.

I truly hope The Shield isn't involved in the main event—at least not alone.

That would be so predictable and less than fresh at this point. If The Shield does indeed get involved, I'd like to see a leader or mastermind revealed.

John Laurinaitis recently returned to WWE television, and The Rock gave him a People's Elbow for his trouble. It isn't crazy to think he factors into the main event somehow, and he also seems like a logical leader of The Shield.

No matter who interferes or what happens, WWE can't just give us an epic match with no storyline twist.

While that would usually be fine with me, it won't fly on Sunday because we saw that last year.


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