Jeff Hardy: Burnt Out AGAIN!?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

Hey guys...I'm back again, but not with some great news...

A recent report says that as of right now, Jeff Hardy is denying all attempts to extend his contract that expires in July as he is reported to be burnt out.

This is completely understandable though, as this past year has been a harsh one on Jeff Hardy. He was suspended for possession, and then in his suspension, his house was burnt to the ground with his dog in it.

Jeff Hardy is a wrestler unlike any other. He has a different mind-set than others and I believe that's why there are so many who love to watch him, the fact is, I think most people understand him wanting to rest...but I don't see a point in blocking a contract extension. He could sign and simply get placed on the "shelf" by some rival superstar like his bro, Matt.

Most people know that Jeff loves to wrestle and that he has other interests. If he needs to look into those, let him. I'm just saying I hope he stays in the WWE for a while longer. He just got his first title, and I figure if he stays he will get a few more in due time.