WWE WrestleMania 29 Results: Ryback's Impressive Shell Shock Doesn't Erase Loss

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 8, 2013

image courtesy of WWE.com
image courtesy of WWE.com

The WWE creative team fooled me with the result of the Ryback-Mark Henry matchup. I thought there was no way Ryback would be allowed to come up short in a sixth straight pay-per-view appearance, but he did. What's more, the loss was clean.

Ryback's post-match Shell Shock didn't allow him to save face, but it was plenty impressive.

Henry pinned Ryback after countering his first attempt to land the Shell Shock by grabbing the top rope. He then flattened Ryback by simply collapsing all 400 pounds on top of him.

Henry got the pin, but he tried to induct Ryback into the Hall of Pain with the World's Strongest Slam after the match was over. If Ryback's counter was designed to redeem him in the eyes of fans, it didn't work—at least not for me.

Perhaps the WWE is trying to avoid building another easily-hated super face like John Cena. However, I believe they are stringing too many failures together for Ryback.

There is a fine line between creating an aura of vulnerability and a losing persona. The WWE is coming dangerously close to that line with Ryback.

The ending of this match should have been reversed. Ryback should have scored the clean win, and then Henry should have come back to the ring and laid Ryback out.

That would have allowed the feud to continue and restarted Ryback's push toward main event status.

Now, Ryback may have to endure less-than-flattering chants from the WWE universe about his inability to win the big one.

Ryback doesn't have the mic skills to offset such chants, and it is totally possible he'll get buried under the unexpected heat.

Perhaps fans will be talking about the fact that Ryback actually hoisted Henry on his shoulders and not the fact that he lost.

But I doubt it.


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