Dolph Ziggler: Will He Finally Steal the Show at WrestleMania?

Aaron GalesCorrespondent IIApril 7, 2013

Will Vince McMahon allow Dolph Ziggler to shine?
Will Vince McMahon allow Dolph Ziggler to shine?Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

For the past two years, Dolph Ziggler has clearly been one of the top talents in the WWE. 

He has worked his way up the business and truly knows how to put on a match. He reminds me in many ways of a young Shawn Michaels and has the talent to achieve a similar career.

But for some reason the powers that be at WWE seem determined to hold him back. They have pushed athletes like Jack Swagger while Ziggler has continued to impress in the background.

I thought this had all changed when Ziggler claimed the Money in the Bank briefcase in July last year. The momentum was with him, and it only seemed to be a matter of time before he cashed in and claimed the World title that he craved.

Unfortunately for Dolph and his many fans, that has yet to happen. His momentum has stalled somewhat, and he now finds himself in a tag-team match at WrestleMania.

This match actually is a great opportunity for Ziggler to highlight his talents working with one of the greatest wrestlers in the company, Daniel Bryan. However, he deserves so much more.

I am hoping that we will finally see Ziggler cash in at some point during the match between Del Rio and Jack Swagger. Neither of those two are really bringing anything to the table in terms of long-term success in WWE, but Ziggler has the talent and the look to carry the company for the next five years. 

It is about time the WWE recognized the talent at their disposal and give Dolph Ziggler the stage his rich talent deserves.

Let's hope that happens tonight at WrestleMania.