WWE Wrestlemania XXIX: Tag Title Match the Culmination of a Year-Long Story

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

Much has been made of this year's build to WrestleMania 29. It has been labeled as too "last minute" and criticized for its lackluster nature. There is one match that, despite appearing as an afterthought, has actually been a year in the making.

At WrestleMania 28, AJ Lee entered the Orange Bowl in Miami by the side of then-boyfriend Daniel Bryan as he prepared to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus.

As most know by now, Bryan would lose the title in a near-record 18 seconds. It would prove to be the emphasis for his breakup with AJ, which would set in motion a breakout year for the former NXT competitor.

The petite New Jersey native would suffer a mental breakdown. She tried desperately to gain the affection of a WWE Superstar, beginning with CM Punk. When that did not work out, she set her sights on the "Big Red Monster" Kane.

Their relationship, if one can even call it that, lasted a few weeks and consisted of only a kiss or two. Soon, AJ was blowing off a wedding to Bryan to accept an offer by Vince McMahon to become Raw GM while her former beaus became enemies, then partners.

The unlikely duo of Kane and Bryan, later dubbed Team Hell No, dominated the tag division despite being absolutely unable to get along and being enrolled in anger management classes. Last September, they captured the tag titles from Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and have held them since.

As Team Hell No rose to tag team prominence, AJ was busy losing her job as general manager amid a potential scandal involving John Cena. Despite Cena making it clear that nothing happened, Vince McMahon accepted AJ's resignation and replaced her with Vickie.

AJ did not mind. After all, she still had Cena, right?

When Cena made it clear that they were just friends, the writing was on the wall. During the ladder match between Cena and Dolph Ziggler at December's TLC, AJ skipped to the ring and proceeded to push over the ladder Cena was on, costing him the opportunity to win the match and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

AJ had found her man in Ziggler and, shortly thereafter, debuted her "friend" Big E. Langston, who would provide muscle for them.

The pairing of AJ, Ziggler and Langston will carry into Sunday's Wrestlemania, where Ziggler and Langston will challenge for the tag team championship against AJ's former love interests Kane and Bryan.

The match should prove to be an entertaining mid-card bout featuring two very popular stars, one of WWE's most acclaimed workhorses and a physically impressive rookie.

It may never be known for certain if the company intended for the tag-team title match to tell the story it does of it was simply a case of pure luck. Whatever the case may be, expect three of WWE's most prolific stars to attempt to steal the show while another is hell-bent on making an impact in his first televised match.