Ryan Otten: Video Highlights for Former San Jose State Tight End

Oliver Thomas@OliverBThomasContributor IApril 27, 2013

Ryan Otten: Video Highlights for Former San Jose State Tight End

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    San Jose State tight end Ryan Otten is flying into the NFL draft under the radar.

    Despite totaling 99 receptions for 1,481 yards and nine touchdowns over his last two seasons with the Spartans, Otten is projected as a mid- to late-round selection.

    The 6'5", 230-pound target was named first-team All-WAC for the second straight season, consequently earning invites to the Senior Bowl and the NFL Scouting Combine. But like any other prospect, what's most important for Otten is what's on tape.

    Here's a look at some of Otten's highlights from his last couple of seasons at San Jose State. 

Double-Move Scorches New Mexico State for 64 Yards in 2011

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    Otten made his presence felt when San Jose State was facing New Mexico State on Sept. 24, 2011.

    In the third quarter, the then-junior got out of his stance and froze the secondary on a double-move 10 yards into his route.

    The quick twitch was all it took. The Aggies safety was faked out of position as Spartans quarterback Matt Faulkner found Otten over the top. Otten ran away from the secondary and into the end zone on the 64-yard score.

    Otten may not be a burner, but it's clear that no defensive back was catching up with him on that run. 

    This 64-yard game-breaker wasn't his only notable contribution in that game, either.

Otten Slips out to the Flats vs. New Mexico State in 2011

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    Otten added another score to his name during the Sept. 24, 2011 showdown versus New Mexico State.

    This time, it was on a play-action bootleg. The Aggies defense bit, and Otten slipped out to the flat where he was wide open to make the grab.

    The deceptive three-yard touchdown was enough to secure the game for the Spartans. Otten's game ended with some impressive numbers as well: six catches for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

    Although he can make plays down the field, Otten's success at the goal line is just as important to his NFL future. He's got the size and the hands to find a niche near the end zone.

15-Yard TD Grab vs. San Diego State

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    On Sept. 22, San Jose State was trailing to San Diego State in the fourth quarter.

    That was, until Otten was utilized his size down in the red zone.

    Otten ran a fade in the end zone and reeled in an easy 15-yard touchdown catch. That grab gave the Spartans the lead over the Aztecs. It was a lead the team would not relinquish.

    San Jose State won 38-24, and Otten was a big part of it. Aside from his pivotal score, the tight end accumulated five catches for 84 yards.

    If Otten can continue to be a factor on the outskirts of the field, it will create assignment issues with defensive backs, safeties and linebackers.

Otten Frees Up His Quarterback vs. Utah State

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    Facing a 42-20 deficit in the third quarter against Utah State on Oct. 13, Otten proved to be a safety valve for his quarterback.

    As the sixth man on the line, Otten released ran a corner route. But he had to adjust due to the pressure on QB David Fales.

    Fales scrambled to the left before setting his feet and spiraling the ball down the field toward the big tight end. Otten was wide open for the timely gain.

    Although it's not flashy by any means, this play reinforces Otten's dependability in his offense. He will fight to get open and become a security blanket for his quarterback.

Otten Gets Behind the Defense on 28-Yard Grab vs. Utah State

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    Down big to the Aggies, Otten was lined up next to the left tackle out of the pistol formation. He broke off the line and merged into the secondary.

    You'd think his size would make him hard for the defense to miss. However, his size also makes him easy for the quarterback to hit.

    Otten connected with David Fales for a 28-yard pass that moved the Spartans into the red zone. San Jose State went on to lose to Utah State, but Otten finished respectably with four grabs for 77 yards.

25-Yard Turn-Around Reception vs. Brigham Young

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    Otten showcased a good pair of hands against BYU on Nov. 17.

    No. 82 lined up next to the right tackle and went largely unnoticed by the Cougars linebackers until it was too late. Otten crossed underneath and ran down the left sideline before making a tough catch to move the chains.

    Otten was able to turn back to the ball in time, and showed good athleticism in the process.

    Although this 25-yard gain was impressive, it would not be Otten's biggest play of that 20-14 Spartans victory.

Leaping 38-Yard Catch-and-Run vs. Brigham Young

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    On a 2nd-and-14 in the third quarter against BYU, Otten made his second and final catch of the Nov. 17 tilt.

    Lining up in the seam, Otten created a mismatch for the defense. He was largely uncovered for the first 10 yards of his route before meeting up with a BYU linebacker who had his back to the ball. His slant-and-go route was too much for the Cougars.

    Otten went upstairs for the snag and proceeded to drag would-be tacklers for extra yardage.

    That type of toughness should translate to the next level. Otten showed it takes more than one man to stop his downfield momentum.