CM Punk Will Be the Man to Finally End the Undertaker's Streak

Aaron Gales@@AaronSportLive Correspondent IIApril 7, 2013

CM Punk faces the biggest challenge of his life at WrestleMania
CM Punk faces the biggest challenge of his life at WrestleManiaGaye Gerard/Getty Images

As another WrestleMania looms large over us, the biggest match of the night in many people's eyes is always that of The Undertaker.

His last two matches against Triple H have been amongst his best in history and there were a number of occasions when I thought the greatest undefeated run in sports entertainment was about to end, only for the Undertaker to prevail. 

That is what is so special about the Deadman. Even though most of us know he has been unlikely to lose at WrestleMania, he always manages to create a moment where you think it might just happen.

The best example of this for me would be two years ago when Triple H delivered a tombstone piledriver. I thought it was all over but he just managed to lift his shoulder from the mat.

Which brings us to his opponent at tonight's event: CM Punk.

There is no doubt that over the last two years Punk has been the biggest star in WWE. His record-breaking World title run is ample evidence of that. Despite losing the belt to the Rock at the Rumble, his star has remained high and to be granted a match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania shows just how high his stock remains with the company. 

It is expected to be a great match, but the most likely outcome is for Undertaker to continue his unbeaten streak.

However, I think the WWE might just spring a surprise on us all. The benefit of building up such an historic run is that, when it is finally broken, the person who manages it will achieve genuine legendary status.

CM Punk deserves that. It makes no sense from a business perspective for Punk to lose to a man who hasn't wrestled for a year. Undertaker is no longer the present or the future of the company, but CM Punk represents both of those things.

It may well come down to a question of legacy. Undertaker's will be unaffected if he loses to Punk. People will still remember the great run he went on and he will be remembered for creating arguably the greatest character in WWE history. 

What will Punk's legacy be? He has won every belt going but he has yet to have the match in WWE that he will be truly remembered for and the one that people will talk about long after he finishes. That match will be tonight and for WWE to move forward they must ensure that Punk claims the biggest victory of all.